BizTip: D O L L A R S

Hi Everyone,

It has been awhile now i have been writing tips .Anyway i been busy creating Dollars. That is the reason i have been extremely busy with few new ventures as well mentoring few businesses.

Some of new ventures that i involved is as the list below :

1. A Cafe in KL ,Damansara.

2. Music Label and Publishing in Singapore

3.Joint venture of Junior Boss kids.

4.A Spa products supplies project.

I need all your prayers and support in making all this ventures successful.

So most of us in business beside whatever reason we have also to make more DOLLARS.

Today i will reveal how to make the Dollars always . Are you people ready?


D= DO your research about the business and industry that you are in to find the  latest         development and new opportunities.

O = Offer the best service to your customer.After sales service is very important for long lasting relationship.

L= Learn the best marketing techniques and make marketing your daily activity.

L= Leverage with using technology(like internet)  as well synergies and collaborate with others.

A = Ask for referrals from your customers on every opportunity.

R = Reinvest your profit back into your business growth like marketing and technologies.

S = Stay focus in your business no matter whatever situation arise

With all the above key ingredients you can really generate dollars flowing into your business. I will come out with new tips soon. However all this will be very real  and you can see tangible result if you apply this in your business and life.

Lets work on making DOLLARS