This Week Entrepreneur

long time never meet in this segmen. Today i have one person that i want to introduce to all of you. Learn from one young entrepreneur, I am indeed very happy to introduce young entrepreneurs in my segmen here. Name: Nur Fuad Sayuti Age: 34 Entrepreneur of Photo G. Nic & Free lance Wedding Photographer … [Read more…]

MAP di Radio RSI dan WARNA

Salam All, How are you? Just to let you know that a new radio segment that features MAP untuk KAYA. The segment will be aired  as below: Radio Warna 94.2  wednesdays 7.38am and repeat 9.38pm RSI wednesday  9.28am and also at podcast Just link to the Map di Radio page kat blog AbangAbu

MAP 2 Success Talk

Hi just to let you know recently i had a sharing session with some of upcoming and aspiring young entrepreneurs. It is organized by . Thought of share with my readers . The link is

Biz-Tips: D A N C E

Hi friends , In order to achieve our goals we have been doing a lot of things . Some achieved what they wanted and most never get even near to that goal. Why? I’ve been successful on studying about people regarding what they got and whatever they planned for.when I look back and reflect on … [Read more…]