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AbangAbu had an interesting event with a small group of youth’s from an organization. This youths are very talented and had many ideas.

This is part of social thing that AbangAbu involve in. AbangAbu will be guiding these group to come out with something that they will work on to become successful.


Tuesday AbangAbu had an radio interview with WARNA in the segmen bersama tamu undangan. This week AbangAbu and AB Shaik were discussing about the current economic condition and retrenchment and loss of job that are taking place. We discuss on how to take this and make preparation.

Some of the tips that AbangAbu share :

1. Accept the fact and mentally prepared that you might lose your job

2. Have to check your spending and be careful, Do spend less than you earn.

3. Take some new skills and training so that you will be an asset to the company that you are working.

4.Send new resume and job applications to new firms that might need your service.

5. Be prepared to take any job and dont be to choosy about the jobs .

6. Learn to start business from home at a part time basis.

These are some of the tips AbangAbu shared.


AbangAbu had and event and Masjid Sultan for another group of 28 families on money skills. It was a great workshop and these group had improved their living standard since the start of the program by ApKIM resources.


AbangAbu had a back to back Bijak Belanja at masjig Kassim. The first group consist of 70pax and second group around 40pax. The workshop was as great as always and guess what AbangAbu enjoy both session.

AbangAbu was so happy to get a complement from a pakcik age more than 60 years old who come to me and told me that this was the first presentation he enjoyed most in his life. Wow that really touched my heart and make AbangAbu to really do it more and more insya allah.

And jangan lupa nengok DANCE abangabu pat AbangAbu TV jugakkk ada suprise

Santai talk Bijak Belanja
great sporting participants who not only had FUN but also FUND

great sporting participants who not only had FUN but also FUND

Santai talk Bijak Belanja

Wednesday Wealth

Hye and salam to all. AbangAbu decided to blog everyday with different theme for each day as you can now see on the categories. This is part of what additional value that AbangAbu want to give all of you, who constantly been supporting and appreciate all the things that AbangAbu been doing.

One of the most common request from most of my readers to include the wealth and money portion in my blog and now AbangAbu would love to do it every wednesday.

Many of us have the intention to become rich and wealthy. However we only have intentions and never get start. Many reasons were given to tell why they never start. PROCASTINATION is the main issue.

Abangabu want to tell you that PROCASTINATION is the no 1 Killer of being rich. We will never become rich as long we procrastinate to start.

What ever condition we are in now is not a matter, but what matter the most is the decision to commit ourself to become RICH and WEALTHY. As long as we are not committed we will never get where we want to go.  Abangabu want to ask you a question so you will understand the important of commitment.

3 birds sit on the tree. 2 decides to fly. How many remains on the tree?

Answer: 1 or 2 or 3……

There will be no right or wrong answers, it is all depends on how you think.

From the common answer Abangabu get will be 1 remain on the tree. But it is not true. why?

The 2 birds just decides to fly but have not fly.  So decision alone is not enough , it is the commitment what make people succeed financial world or in any other things.

AbangAbu believe this simple story will make you think and  make commitment to yourself of becoming RICH and WEALTHY. Dont worry where are you now, the problem that you having or any other thoughts that might make you feel that it is impposible. NO WORRIES  …….. because the word impossible = i m possible.

What AbangAbu wants you just to commit yourself to become rich. It is so simple.

PS: AbangAbu email coaching MAP 2 B RICH is been offered to all those who already subscribe A-B-U success method. And the offer will be valid till 30th November as after will be taken out and will be offer at the actual price. I hope you dont miss out this as it is very valuable product that AbangAbu created. The lesson no 1 … DONT PROCRASTINATE. So dont wait download it now…

AbangAbu love to see your comments …so do comment.

What Happen past week a summary

The whole past week was a great week with so many activity for AbangAbu….


Some of the things that happen was the launch of my email coaching – MAP 2 B Rich by my buddy, brother Fadzuli ( It was to a public launch as it was only for those who already downloaded my e book and the offer is still on till 30th November 2008. More announcement for public will be done in December. So those who want to be the among the first and exclusive subscriber dont wait!!!! and download my e book at so just put your name and email at the right hand bar and check your email.


I had an event at Masjid Ansar where i shared my stories in tabung bergoncang workshop for 2 groups . The 1st group age 50 to 80 . This was my second time doing a workshop for this age group. It was interesting as i really learn a lot from that group and we had fun. Many of them was so happy and shared with me they learn new things and it was so cool to learn that they are willing to learn from me. I m atouched.

Second group was the chronically ill with many kind of illness, rather than sharing the money tips i felt that they need motivations and gave them the booster for the to strive in their life and achieve BIG things.


On Tuesday i had an event The Global Entrepreneurship Week launching at Toa Payoh Hub . This is an important event for me as my son Ahshik launch his book 7 Steps to become a young entrepreneur. He is just 12 and i was really proud to saw that event. It is in AbangAbu TV . do check and view it. Those who interested to get a copy to email at  or… We are planning to make it available in Popular bookshops around singapore. He will be coming out a malay version soon as to be marketed in Malaysia ( anyone interested do contact me for some discussion)


AbangAbu had a great chance to do the thing that AbangAbu love most , that is creating young entrepreneurs. AbangAbu was given a task to get 12 girls from 3 schools to be involved in a flea market bazaar at Tanglin Mall on saturday. We had great time and the girls shows the confidence and been able to really perform better than what AbangAbu expected… Cheers for the girls age 14 to 15.

very busy no tymeto pose

very busy no tymeto pose

what an expiriences

what an expirience to be involved

Next Year insya allah this program will be done in a bigger scale to give more people chance to be involve. This is an initiative by women for girls…… So guys what waiting for do something for boys and let me involve as well… anyone up to this.


I had also done a mini MAP untuk KAYA workshop at Fengsan CC Bedok . It was fun and cool as small group of around 25 pax turn in. The MAEC of The CC would love to conduct a series of MAP untuk KAYA  workshops in the near future. So bedokians MAP untuk KAYA coming to your area so grab the opportunity. I would love to thanks the CC for this. Infact ada banner been put up ….. AbangAbu rasa macam celebrity plak. hahahaha.


And The Program Bijak Belanja with Mendaki and Sense was held at yayasan Mendaki and today was overwhelming response sampai takde tempat duduk in the hall. I felt so sorry for those who had to sit on the mat and i really applaould all of you as it was the most sporting group. It was nearly 200 people and i am sure all of us had fun… And yah those who were there dah gi Joget joget joget….. U know what i mean… So kena joget orang kaya okie. remeber that is the most powerful lesson hahahahaha.

And today i had few people come to me and told me this was the best ever workshop the had ever attended… WOW sedap hati abangabu dengar hahhaha . Yang belum pegi program bijak belanja , next sunday 30th we having it at Masjid Kassin from 9.30am to 1pm so boleh lah register dengan Mendaki …..

This is what happened and of course some other things too yang maybe not really important hahahha. So tommorow Monday …… Just wait for the Marketing  Ideas …

AbangAbu dah start to blog everyday insya allah so visit everyday   salam

May all of us will have a GREAT week ahead…

Global Entreprenuership Week Singapore

Hello again.. AbangAbu just came back home after being at the opening ceremony of global Entrepreneurship week at Toa Payoh Hub. Minister for Trade And Industry Mr Lee Yi Shyan was the GOH.

It was a great event where there are 75 countries around the world are doing something entrepreneurial this week. For Singapore NUS Enterprise and ACE co-host the this event.

There were also a pushcart competition being held for 2 days . It ere a colourful event.

At this same event Ahshik Launch his book “7 Steps to Become a Young Entrepreneur” I had some photos for all of you to see. It is a very proud moment as his is only 12years old and eager to do more.

Watch the videos of his interview as well at AbangAbu TVon the right hand bar. Ahshik with his book

With The President for Global Entrepreneurship Week

With The President for Global Entrepreneurship Week

7 steps to become a young entrepreneur

Hi my friends ,

I am so proud to let all of you know that my son Ahshik now age 12 will be launching his first book “7 Steps to become a young entrepreneur” . This is his second project after the success of his first business that he started at the age of 9, Motivational postcards , than book marks and now the book.

I would love to ask all of you that will be free on 18th Novemeber to witness the launch at TOA PAYOH HUB the retail mall. This is happening in conjuction with the Global Entrepreneurship Week where NUS and ACE will host it for singapore.

The GOH for the launch will be our President SR Nathan.

I will update on the launch with some photos as well, and do catch news and newspapers too. He will be selling his autographed copies on that day. So do get a copy for yourself and also for those young people that you know.

It is 140 pages and all about the steps that he himself go through during his entrepreneurial venture. I believe the book will be a great success and will motivate him to do more and also become a socially responsible person, and he will anounce a new venture to raise 1mil for 2 charities that he will mention on that day. So  do come and witness as well support for this young entrepreneur that we all can be proud of.

The book cost only 19.90 …… so don wait… support Ahshik

Date 18th November 2008

Place; Toa Payoh Hub , retail mall open space

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Biz Tip: N O

Hi salam, everyone, AbangAbu believe all are enjoying the journey of life . Many ups and downs , happy moments and challenging moments, laughter and cries all are part of the must happen things in our journey.

In business too many such things happen, whether you like it or not you still have to face it.

Today , AbangAbu want to share a very powerful word in business. It is the word NO.

Do you know that this word NO had created many successful entrepreneurs around the globe.

I am very sure that many of us had always get this word from our customers when we want to sell something. And how many of us always give up after we get so many NO’s . I am sure many of us doing that.

However, Successful entrepreneurs had used this word to their advantage and create great things.

So whats so powerful ? you might be asking…. rilex AbangAbu want to give you suspense………………………………………………………………………………………

N=  New

O= Opportunity

This is what i meant. When ever you get an answer of NO , always ask your self what is Next or New Opportunity with this person or situation.

Ask why they said no? and you will get a new idea… this is the secret to be successful entrepreneur.

So never take NO as an answer. Just keep asking why and why until you get new ideas to satisfy the customers need.

Today , AbangAbu would love you to just focus on this as it will bring you new ideas and do comment on this article as well share your own thoughts.

AbangAbu wish every one to prosper during this economic times.

Belia dan Bisnes: Panduan mulakan niaga


Abang Abu
DALAM keadaan ekonomi malap, ramai yang mungkin kehilangan pekerjaan. Ini akan mendorong mereka yang dibuang kerja itu memulakan perniagaan kecil-kecilan atau sambilan.

Oleh itu, AbangAbu ingin memberikan panduan tentang cara-cara memulakan perniagaan.

Setiap orang mempunyai sebab tersendiri kenapa mereka ingin berniaga.

Ada yang mahukan kebebasan memegang wang, kebebasan masa supaya dapat melakukan apa yang diminati, atau inginkan sesuatu yang baru.

Apa jua sebabnya, anda perlu memastikan bahawa anda mengambil langkah yang bijak, jika tidak anda akan menghadapi kesukaran dan kekecewaan.

Dalam memulakan perniagaan, beberapa soalan akan timbul:

  • Masa yang perlu anda laburkan dalam perniagaan anda;
  • Apakah matlamat kewangan anda?
  • Perniagaan apakah yang harus anda mulakan?
  • Bagaimana mendapatkan wang permulaan?
  • Di mana anda akan memulakan perniagaan?
  • Bagaimana anda akan mulakan perniagaan?
  • AbangAbu akan bincangkan beberapa perkara yang dapat memberikan anda idea dalam memulakan perniagaan.

  • Apakah yang perlu anda ada jika mahu berniaga pada saat ini?
  • Anda harus mempunyai keinginan yang kuat untuk memulakan bisnes. Anda juga perlu membuat penilaian tentang risiko yang terlibat, keadaan kewangan anda dan kebaikan serta keburukan memulakan perniagaan.

  • Pilih jenis urus niaga yang ingin anda lakukan.
  • Setelah membuat keputusan, anda harus yakin dengan perniagaan yang ingin anda jalankan itu.

    Adakah anda ingin memilih perniagaan runcit atau perkhidmatan?

    Adakah perniagaan anda memerlukan tempat atau lokasi tertentu?

    Perlukah anda memulakan laman web anda sendiri?

    Jawapan bagi semua soalan ini boleh anda dapatkan dengan melihat perniagaan-perniagaan yang sudah beroperasi.

  • Adakah pasaran untuk perniagaan atau produk anda itu?
  • Setelah membuat pilihan, anda harus pastikan pula bahawa perniagaan anda itu akan berjaya.

    Setiap perniagaan yang berjaya mempunyai pasaran tersendiri, yang akan memastikan keuntungan yang diperolehi.

    Untuk memastikan kejayaan perniagaan anda, anda harus tentukan bahawa produk anda itu akan dibeli oleh sasaran (pelanggan) anda.

    Ingat, jika tidak ada orang yang inginkan produk anda, maka perniagaan anda tidak akan berjaya.

    Kini AbangAbu pasti anda sudah boleh membuat keputusan untuk meneruskan impian anda itu.

    Bagaimanapun, anda perlukan lebih banyak maklumat dan perlu membuat penyelidikan.

    Anda boleh mendapatkan bantuan, misalnya daripada Pusat Pembangunan Usahawan Dewan Perniagaan dan Perusahaan Melayu Singapura (EDC@SMCCI).

    Anda juga boleh menghadiri kursus perniagaan dan mendapatkan mentor yang boleh membimbing anda.

    Layari Internet dan dapatkan maklumat berguna yang akan memberikan anda fakta-fakta penting.

    Dalam memulakan atau menjalankan sesuatu perniagaan itu, anda memerlukan pengalaman serta pengetahuan.

    Sama ada anda berpengalaman atau tidak, anda perlu mempunyai pengetahuan tentang mengurangkan risiko dalam perniagaan anda.

    Pengalaman akan anda perolehi, tetapi tidakkah anda terfikir bahawa pengetahuan adalah lebih penting sebelum anda mendapatkan pengalaman?

    Dalam perniagaan kesimpulannya adalah:

    Pengetahuan + pengalaman = Kejayaan.

    AbangAbu yakin bahawa semua bakal usahawan akan mengunakan tip-tip serta informasi di atas sebelum menceburkan diri dalam dunia niaga.

    Untuk sebarang maklum balas sila e-mel atau layari blog untuk dapatkan tip-tip perniagaan yang lain.

    M.A.P untuk Bisness Program 1st Batch was great success.

    Hi Friends,Brothers and sisters,

    I Am feeling GREAT as my first M.A.P untuk Bisness workshop was a great success. After nearly one year M.A.P untuk KAYA workshop and after reaching nearly 700 participants , AbangAbu develop another workshop that is so important for our communnity which i called M.A.P untuk Bisness workshop.

    We had 2 days session from 9am to 5pm each day at AMP pasir Ris.

    MAP untuk Bisness Workshop

    MAP untuk Bisness Workshop

    This is the first workshop that attracted 42 participants and AbangAbu believe that all of them will become successful entreprenuers in time to come.

    Bz lah

    Bz lah

    AbangAbu had so much FUN as much the participants as well. And for those who attended the workshop i would love to see if you comment your expiriences in the workshop.

    All this participants will be coached for another 6 months by AbangAbu , this is to make sure that all the participants will start and run business.

    And AbangAbu also would love to see if other malay organization would love to bring this to their members..  If anyone of you belongs to any malay oragnization do tell your organization about this workshop. It will be a great workshop to have so that we would be prepared when the retrenchment move in. At the same time will give us the other option what we can do .

    Do post feedback and comment okie tak.

    All 42 tak nampak semua , hahahah

    All 42 tak nampak semua , hahahah

    BizTip: L U C K

    Hi friends ,

    Abangabu were very busy lately alhamdullilah with so many programs and workshops going on. This Economy crisis is one of the worst as what people are talking about and it will effect every one . Some will feel the pinch and some will enjoy creating more. So which side you want to be in?

    As entrepreneur i believe that we have to create our own LUCK in business no matter what condition we are in.

    So to succeed in business in this current economic condition we need to have L U C K

    so here we go….

    L- Location.

    This is the most important thing that we as entrepreneur need to take note. location where we are to do business play a very important part in a success of a business.Look at those successful businesses and you will see them in a very startegic locations. So when you really want to succeed getting the right location is very important. And currently with this economic uncertainty you will even get a better bargain in wonderful locations. So look out for the best location for your business.

    U- Understand.

    Another important factor is to understand what is happening currently. What are the things that people needs and wants this current moment.? Ask yourself how your product or services is something that they need now? The best way is to find out what people looking for at this current moment of economic condition and provide that services. Always think from the customers shoes.( think from the customers point of view).You will get your luck if you understand whats going on around you. Many fail to understand this and struggle in business. AbangAbu also learning to do this now. Provide what people need at the current time.

    C- Connections

    Aha, this again, i had been talking almost many many times about this. This is a major factor in succeed in business. You have to build the connections with your customers, make them know you care in current times and you wanted to help them as well. Get connected to people who can help you to reach your goals. Sometimes even you are at the right location and understand what happening you might not get what you wanted if you don’t have the right connections. So build your connections with every one. Customers, suppliers, advisers, mentors, media and any one who will support your growth. So never miss out this if you want to have luck.


    As entrepreneurs or even who ever you are , life long learning is a must in order to be successful. Today , the world change rapidly and so fast what you learn will become absolute in just few days. So constantly seeking knowledge in the field or business, or industry that you are in become very important. Knowledge about your customers and their needs is critical to create luck too. Keep updating with current condition of the world and connected to the global happening will open up a whole new great opportunities and that will create luck for you and your business.

    So in conclusion AbangAbu want to tell you that its you who create luck for you. Nothing will change unless you change. learn and keep learning to create those luck.

    So to have LUCK you must understand AbangAbu’s tips today. I believe that this will give you ideas and make your business prosper in current time.

    Do comment and feed backabout this.

    I will select randomly on those who comment on my postings to receive special mystery gifts from me monthly. So why wait just any comment that might help others.