This week updates

A AbangAbu had an interesting event with a small group of youth’s from an organization. This youths are very talented and had many ideas. This is part of social thing that AbangAbu involve in. AbangAbu will be guiding these group to come out with something that they will work on to become successful. B Tuesday … [Read more…]

What Happen past week a summary

The whole past week was a great week with so many activity for AbangAbu…. A Some of the things that happen was the launch of my email coaching – MAP 2 B Rich by my buddy, brother Fadzuli ( It was to a public launch as it was only for those who already downloaded … [Read more…]

Biz Tip: N O

Hi salam, everyone, AbangAbu believe all are enjoying the journey of life . Many ups and downs , happy moments and challenging moments, laughter and cries all are part of the must happen things in our journey. In business too many such things happen, whether you like it or not you still have to face … [Read more…]

Belia dan Bisnes: Panduan mulakan niaga

PANDUAN MULAKAN NIAGA Oleh Abang Abu DALAM keadaan ekonomi malap, ramai yang mungkin kehilangan pekerjaan. Ini akan mendorong mereka yang dibuang kerja itu memulakan perniagaan kecil-kecilan atau sambilan. Oleh itu, AbangAbu ingin memberikan panduan tentang cara-cara memulakan perniagaan. Setiap orang mempunyai sebab tersendiri kenapa mereka ingin berniaga. Ada yang mahukan kebebasan memegang wang, kebebasan masa … [Read more…]