The Number 1 Secret in Promotions

(Nurhafihz (BBA, Marketing) is the guest writer for for Marketing Mondays)

In this first Monday Marketing posting, we’re going to discuss strategy when it comes to promotions. Now, we all know that promotions is important: without promoting, it’s hard for your target group to know aboutyour offering. So now we want to promote… what exactly then should be our strategy?
Classic Promotions Strategy
  1. Print flyers, banners, ads
  2. Distribute to as many places as you can
  3. Wait, and hope

This is the theory of "Reach", of attempting to get as many people as you can from the crowd. This theory can work, except for one problem…

It doesn’t work.

How many advertisements do you remember having seen today? The average to most Singaporeans is ZERO. In fact, if you have a new product, you need to show that same ad / banner / flyer about 27 times to the same person. This is because on average we only care to look at 1 out of 9 ads, and we may remember that ad if we see the same ad 3 times. So 9 times 3 gives us 27.

What does this mean? Introducing that one secret that is important in all promotions campaigns: Frequency (Yes, it’s so important, I’ll bold, underline and colour it too). Take time to say the same thing to Ahmad, Siti about your Nasi Lemak. Sure first time they might ignore, second time you might be irritating, but keep repeating and they might just listen. You can understand why some business people go nervous at this… they fundamentally believe that once your product is ignored, that means they didn’t care about you in the first place…

Relationships take time. Trust takes time. We malays should be champions when it comes to promotions, because it is in our culture to take the time to give the person kueh, air and maybe even bungkus-kan, even if we have no idea what the returns to our goodwill is. But we don’t calculate them too, because we believe it will come around and help us.

So apply the same trust im marketing. Take time on a certain group of persons instead of going all over the place and talking to many people once. One day, when you sakit and you wake up… you might be pleasantly surprised to see who might just come visiting you…

Your friends (once your customers).

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Sunday News: Selamat Tahun Baru . Awal Muhharam


Monday AbangAbu and team were at Eunos CC conducting CashFlow Workshop for 4PM volunteers. This Workshop is 4 hours interactive workshop. Around 15 volunteers came and had fun playing and learn at the same time. End of the day all of them feel very good and also learn to become financially intelligent once there finsih thier studies. AbangAbu feel so happy because organizations like 4PM giving their volunteers such an important knowledge and i am sure the volunteers will be more comitted to this kind organization. AbangAbu feel all the social organizations must come forward


Tuesday nite AbangAbu and Team attended the SMCCI Dinner at Orchard Hotel. This is an annual dinner that SMCCI organize. This year the GOH is Speaker of Parliment MR. Abdullah Tarmugi. Many other VIP guest were there too. And the most exciting is meeting back Taufek Batisah after the last tyme i met him at lau pa sat for teh tarek and satay after he won The IDOL. And Taufek was as what i saw him that time. We take some photo as my son want a photo with him and i wanted as well. hahahaha. It was a great evening as meet many freinds that seldom meet. I post some pic for all of you to see.


Program Bijak Belanja in Yayasan Mendaki  on wednesday and my MAP untuk KAYA coaching at nite. Just to announce that my MAP grad Azidah will be having open house of her AKADEMI CILIPADI on 28th December Sunday 2pm checkout her


Thursday is Chritmas , AbangAbu with my kids g jalan jalan rumah members….

Friday , had my MAP session again.

Saturday PBB session with employment services under MENDAKI at TKC ,

Sunday , AbangAbu had real fun at Bt Panjang in the session of Bijak Belanja from 9am to 1pm , than rush to Sultan Mosque for another talk for AIN Sociecty , it was very interesting as a boy age 6 aske me great question that many want to ask but never ask. He ask how to make money hahaha and guess what i gave him money as well tell the audience the way to make money. It was a real worth NEW YEAR DAY for me.

And AbangAbu want to wish everyone selamat menyambut Awal Muhharam semoga tahun in akan diberkati dengan rezeki yang banyak serta kegembiraan yang berkekalan.

Merry Christmas to All Christian friends

Wishing You And Your Family



NEW YEAR 2009!

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Wednesday Wealth:

AbangAbu found that making money or creating wealth during recession will be something that we want to know. And i believe that few tips below can get us started to get to begin our journey. SO enjoy reading and than do sit still but take action by applying it.

Few people realize that getting rich does not just happen by using mathematical and business skills. There is definitely more to that in creating wealth. If you want to get rich, you have to make changes. And the first changes you need to make will be those that focus on self-improvement.

Contentment sometimes represents the easy way out
Sometimes people deliberately deceive themselves by feigning contentment in order to avoid working harder and taking more risks to go for what they really want. Dont try to fake being contented when you’re not. If you want to dream, dream big. If you need to create goals for yourself, make them big enough to incorporate what you want in life. It is okay to start with small steps, but plan goals out far enough to incorporate really big dreams, too, if they are what you want.

1.) Time is Gold

Many people have been taught this adage from day one, but a lot of people are unfortunately not able to appreciate it. Time is precious, and the truly wealthy don’t waste this precious commodity. Instead, they do their utmost to make the most out of their time. If you want to join them at the top, you need to adopt the same attitude.

2.) Get Your Priorities Straight

Decide what you think is most important; do you spend a day at the spa or attend Mandarin Chinese lessons? Create priorities that will help you create wealth. Be honest with yourself and decide which tasks are important and which ones are not. Then prioritize them so that you take care of the important ones first and which can wait if need be.

3.) Start Planning Ahead

Having clear-cut goals and priorities in life is necessary to help you create wealth, but these alone will not do the job. They will only help you if you go on to figure out the next step: As exactly how will you create wealth?

4.) The Only Failure in Life is Failing to DO

Life is complicated, as everyone knows, but don’t let that stop you from getting what you want, which in this case is to create wealth. Of course, you will likely encounter obstacles that may stop you from reaching your goal temporarily, but the only time you will truly fail is when you don’t try at all. You also have to make sure that you try hard enough and that you keep trying even in the face of failure as long as it is feasible.

5.) Give and Take

Be prepared to both ask for favors and give something in return. If you are used to being self-reliant, that is great. But if you are determined to create a business, you need to understand that you will need to work in cooperation with others at least some of the time.

6.) Do not be Too Proud or Stubborn to Take Advice.

If the suggestions and advice offered by others have merit, then go ahead and give the advice a try. Never presume that you know everything or that you can’t learn from someone else. There will always be something new to learn. This lesson can not only help you get rich, but it can help you stay rich and become richer as well.

It is important that you strive to improve how you think, speak, feel, and act, first and foremost. Once these changes have been implemented and have become habit, then concentrate on attaining external goals to reach your main objective of getting rich, and getting rich now!

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Biz Tips: P O W E R

AbangAbu feel during this time of economy, to thrive in business , one need to have some POWER . This is the time that successful entrepreneurs fine the power to move and get bigger and stronger. The same can happen to all who are ready to apply the POWER principle in their life and business.

AbangAbu been very busy during this recession time. Moving around doing programs that teaches people on the important of money management and good financial habits. And AbangAbu also helping few aspiring entrepreneurs to get started during this recession. And i believe there is always opportunity that we can capitalize during this recession time.

And in the deadly tuesday tips AbangAbu would love to intoduce POWER in your life so that all can thrive during this challenging time around the world.

So here you are again P -O – W – E – R

P= Passion

Behind every forms of excellence; whether its in sports, relationship, business or any other things , PASSION is everything. All those who excell in whatever they are doing is people who have passion in what they are doing. As an entrepreneur what will make us pass thru difficult time is the passion that we have for the things that we are doing. Look for things that you will do with passion, remember when you lack passion in business that you are in now , there are great chances that business will not survive the current recession.

O= Opportunity

Every reccession brings with them opportunity as well. Always look for new opportunity for you to get involve in. Source for a product that will be in demand at current time and sell it. Look for new target market for your product. There will me abundance of opportunity for those who look out for it. Never ever stay still in recession days but look out for new opportunities. Many business succeed during financial crisis, so look out for opportunities.

W= Willingness

Even with greatest opportunity , to do something or to make an impact on your life or business and the lives of others you must take action. Willingness to carry out the plan, willingness to go extra mile to make things happen. Willingness to be brave and stiking to your plan. Willingness to try out something new . Willingness to take calculated risk. All successfull entrepreneurs are made of this . And it is even more important to have willingness to take action during challengging times like what is happening now. So always have the willingness to do till you make it happen.

E= Energy

You will never get energy by just drinking some tonics, and thats is not the energy i am talking about. It is the inner energy that will make you be strong and unstopable in any situation. In order to get this energy you must be energetic, its just the way it works. So always tell your self powerful affirmations that will make you to have energy and that will make you move forward during recession. So get energy to stay afloat in business.

R= Results

And this is the best time for us , entrepreneurs to evaluate our results before embarking on a change. And with the year 2008 is apporaching its final days, we are moving into 2009 soon. And this is the great time for us to use the 3R method .

Take time to REFLECT all the things that happened to us, the bad and good. What we can learn and what we need to change to make our 2009 better.

REACT to all that happen, if it is good than keep doing it again and if it is not good than react by changing it.

RESTART. If you are not at the place that you wanted or getting the goals that you wanted , than never give up on that dreams and goals but restart by doing it again but maybe diffenrently .

With all this you will get the result that you wanted always.

AbangAbu want all entrepreneurs survive this financial tsunami and for those who are not in the game of business, never wait as there will be no better time to get into it than now.

All the best for all of you and use POWER in your life and business to excell.

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Sunday NEWs

Hi all, i hope all of you are really enjoying this December and i believe many are in the holiday mood.

AbangAbu were really busy with so many things going on this December. Some of the updates on what happening .

AbangAbu was in the Kpak Bing Bing for the coming January season2. It was a great expirience as the recording starts at 9 and end at around midnite.

it was fun to be with Suhaimy Yusof, Najib Ali and also Era Farida, Memang semua kelakar rabak. I was enjoying the nyte. So i were as guest for financial part with Rudy , and ustaz.

Than as per normal so many talks going on around….

it was the first one at Wood Grove Primary school on Program Bijak Belanja…

Than it was at Kg Ubi CC … program Bijak Belanja

Than it was Siglap CC — program bIjak Belanja

It was super busy week for me as well. And with some other plans and meetings taking place for next years agenda..

Insya Allah , AbangAbu will update my daily tips this week insya allah..

Have great tyme.


Hi and salam to all my friends. Hope everyone is enjoying the december and everyone is in holiday mood.

AbangAbu currently very busy with many programs in Singapore as well in JB too.

This week friday facts, thursday tech, wenesday wealth, tuesday tips, monday marketing is delayed till next week.

Abang Abu will be updating next week on all those daily blogs.

There will be batch 39 free MAP untuk KAYA session on saturday 13th December 2008 , 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

This is the free session. For registration and other details pls contact 62200701

Biz Tips : G R O W

Welcome again to deadly tuesday tips, AbangAbu thought of writing something that will help us to grow our business during this recession. Business is slow to a drag during recession, they say. It doesn’t have to be that way if you know how to explore existing business potential and be flexible in your deals and offerings.

Sure, tough economic times have major impact on buying habits. Pay attention to the shopping mall during prime shopping period. People are saving their way out of it. They focus more on value and results. Or, the time they spend to research on a product before buying increases.

The good news is, even if the recession is here to stay a bit longer, you can survive and prosper by following some of the tips below. Does recession always mean struggling to get the business going? No, don’t buy into the idea. Change your strategy and you’ll see that it isn’t a law like gravity.

Think of how to G R O W your business at this time by using GROW method.. so this week……

G = Get Organized

Get organized by looking back of your sales pattern and your customer based.

Remember the Pareto principle. 20 percent of your customers bring in 80 percent of your revenue. This number varies, it could be 20 percent that brings in 95 percent, but you get the point.

In a downturn, customers are more likely to go with a more trusted source. If you constantly build relationship with your existing customers, more power to you. Otherwise, it’s now the time to reactivate dormant accounts. Stay in touch and let them know if you are interested in working with them. Don’t hard sell and put any pressure on the first contact.

R= Reduce Budgets

By all means, don’t cut on marketing and advertising, but it’s fine to reduce budgets if appropriate. Creative marketers could use some of the low cost to free methods to keep their business out there. Think guerilla marketing.

If existing marketing efforts work fine, keep doing them but if cost is the problem consider them at smaller scales. Complement with other marketing strategies. It may work wonder with diversification

O = Offer Repackaged Product

Repackaging your products to make them available to small budget customers, you still want to emphasize on value and provide measurable results.

Your customers or clients are also looking for ways to cut cost. When business is good and you’re busy, you may have overlook some of the smaller customers who can’t afford what you have to offer at the price point.

Consider repackage your products or services so they become more affordable to another market segment. When business is slow, you need to search alternatives that put extra revenue in your pocket. This is what

“AbangAbu is doing this to add value for people at the current times by providing the MAP 2 B RICH email coaching for a year at a fraction.. Check it out..

W = Win Win Synergy

It may be the right time to team up with business partners to cross promote each other. It may be in the form of direct promotion or co-registration to save on name capturing efforts.

If you haven’t considered it yet, information products are low cost way to promote your business and gain passive income at the same time. Consider leveraging what you already have to increase revenue.

With this tips AbangAbu sure you can grow your business during recession. When recession looms, it becomes more important to pay attention to what’s happening in your target market and how they react during the time. Low cost and effective marketing technologies are now available, making it possible to reach your target market through the new channel and medium.

Use them to your advantage, and see your business grows while your competitors are stuck in the same old paradigm. See you next week with more deadly tuesday tips

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