Where MONEY come from?

I’m not talking about historical money right now, though that is an interesting tale! For now I am just looking at where today’s money comes from. The money in your pocket. The money owing on your bond. Okay, you worked for it. Or you borrowed it. But where did it come from?

Mekanik$ – Coming Soon

Mekanik$ is coming to fix your finance soon. If you want your finance to be fixed as what than this is a great news. Be the first to own the T shirts and also get the free Mystery Wealth Program ( english) or Program Misteri Wang ( malay) which will be launched in January.

Saving is FUN = FUND

Dear Brothers and Sisters, After the success of SIMPAN Challenge in  Malay . i had many request from non malays to do it in other languages. Nearly 10,000 participants who joined SIMPAN Challenge benefited and managed to save the amount that they never thought can be save before. Click here to join the MALAY Version … [Read more…]