Business Tips – A T T A C K

Its been few weeks since AbangAbu never had chance to introduce new acronym. So this week i would like to share a powerful business tip that many want to read. Since this is the time that recovery process is begin to show up. It is sad that many business have to close shop during the global economy crisis.

What is sad that many who met with the disaster dont know how to get back into the game again. This was the case for AbangAbu who lost in an investment venture that been so bad. It took some time for AbangAbu to figure out on getting back on track, from preparing mindset and begin the recovery process that i would like to share with you.

So , The only way to get back into track after failure or disaster in business is to get up and A T T A C K.

Here you go in order to recover from setbacks and failures.
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Monday Money: Expand Network

Many of dont realise that in order to expand our wealth we need to also expand our network. The bigger the network you have will bring you more openings and also opportunities to make more money and increase your wealth.

One of the fun way to make Monday an interesting day is to make new contacts that can increase your knowledge about wealth and money. Get to know people in business line and do have a chance to network with them.

As today is Monday , lets make our monday more green , move out from your monday blues to monday green.

Do learn how to turn your Network into Net Worth by attending MAP untuk KAYA workshop.

Also finding it very hard to save ? AbangAbu will make it fun to save , JOIN NOW  WAYS2SAVE

Saturday Sling

Time is running and it is approaching the end of the year 2009. It has been a blessing year as usual. Many things that AbangAbu experience this year. This is the time for us to reflect again all that had happen and how we have move so far this year.

AbangAbu had most challenging year this year and it has been the most rewarding year too.

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Konvensyen di KL – Dari Kosong Sampai Jutawan

Salam ,

AbangAbu just balik dari KL . Great time there where interview with astro awani with Ahshik ( young business author at age 12)

In the evening i had an opportunity to be in the people business school by peoplelogy for a talk where i share some tips along with dr irfan and Dato Azman Cheng. First time saw Dato in action and he were awesome and a great mentor.

And i really believe that one key thing is habit of saving . SO dont miss my english version of SIMPAN Challenge


And AbangAbu would like to share with all of you that a konvensyen that will be taking place in January 17 in KL. A best place for you to be at the begining of the year and get to know many tips as well network with malaysian, singaporean aspiring entreprenuers.

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Saving is FUN = FUND

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

After the success of SIMPAN Challenge in  Malay . i had many request from non malays to do it in other languages. Nearly 10,000 participants who joined SIMPAN Challenge benefited and managed to save the amount that they never thought can be save before. Click here to join the MALAY Version

And as i already have a group of 200 people from the non malay group had requested this in english , AbangAbu decide to make it available in English. And I will be launching the english version WAYS2SAVE

Why people are not saving or maybe just cant save? AbangAbu have the answer for you. It is because you are not having FUN. Most of did not enjoy saving and that is the reason why we cant save.When you are not having FUN than you will never get the FUND.

WAYS2SAVE are fun ways to save . You will surprised with the amount you will save during the 30 days period. AbangAbu will share with you everyday for the next 30 days that saving can be so fun and you will be excited with the result.

AbangAbu’s aim here is to instill the saving habit and also to prove to you that everyone can have fun in saving.

I want more detail…………….