Monday Money:Bijak Belanja

AbangAbu had already 2 post about the products and services that and provides. Today AbangAbu want to share about another great community project that AbangAbu worked together with MENDAKI . An organization that been appointed to look after the welfare of Malay Muslims in Singapore. Due the the economic downturn worldwide Singapore had … [Read more…]

Sunday News : MAP2bRICH

Dear friends, For the coming few days AbangAbu will be reflecting back on all the programs and services that and been conducting and doing in 2009 and will be doing in 2010. Yesterday AbangAbu wrote about the program MAP untuk KAYA ( workshop on finance in malay) . Today AbangAbu would like to … [Read more…]

Friday Facts : Be Inspired

AbangAbu felt this story is worth sharing. And I wish all my christian readers a merry Christmas. Enjoy the weekend. Conquering Everest blindly “ ‘01The year Erik Weihenmayer became the first blind person to conquer the tallest mountain in the world.

Sunday News

How have the week went to all of us. AbangAbu were in JB on saturday and sunday. For workshops there, and there is huge opportunities available in Malaysia. Saturday was a training for a group of people who are in some network marketing business. AbangAbu was invited to do talks on money skills for the … [Read more…]

Muharram Wishes

May all of us be blessed in this new year. Lets forgive and seek forgiveness of all mistake that we made . May all of us be given all the great things in life in the coming year. AbangAbu wishing everyone , a very blessed MUHARRAM.