Monday Money:Bijak Belanja

AbangAbu had already 2 post about the products and services that and provides.

Today AbangAbu want to share about another great community project that AbangAbu worked together with MENDAKI . An organization that been appointed to look after the welfare of Malay Muslims in Singapore.

Due the the economic downturn worldwide Singapore had take an effort to make the public understand the consequences of the impact on Singapore and its people. Yayasan Mendaki played a very important role in making our malay community been given the right kind of education about money during these times. This is where AbangAbu have involved in coming out with the module for Bijak Belanja program that been run as many as more than 200 rounds. in the process had benefited more than 6000 members of the community.
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Sunday News : MAP2bRICH

Dear friends,

For the coming few days AbangAbu will be reflecting back on all the programs and services that and been conducting and doing in 2009 and will be doing in 2010.

Yesterday AbangAbu wrote about the program MAP untuk KAYA ( workshop on finance in malay) . Today AbangAbu would like to introduce a product that been created after discussion with Fadzuli ( a student and internet marketer). As Abangabu not an I.T guy and limited knowledge about internet , that had limits me from thinking about internet products. However after knowing about some system like aweber AbangAbu thought that AbangAbu can reach more people and help many more to be really equip themselves with financial knowledge,

Since born a product called MAP2BRICH . This is an email coaching about personal finance and financial intelligence. AbangAbu understand that many people are very busy to attend classes or workshop due to timeand money factor, however AbangAbu realised that they need to learn about money and wealth. FInancial education is a must to everyone in future so that they can have a wonderful life.
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Saturday Sling: Chit Chat

Salam tahun baru.Ramai yang sudah membuat persediaan untuk tahun 2010 . AbangAbu mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mendoakan agar semua pelan pelan dan azam tahun 2010 ini akan dicapai dalam tahun 2010 juga. Moga moga yang terbaik adalah menjadikan tahun 2010 ini lebih baik dari tahun 2009.

AbangAbu juga banyak pelajari akan pelbagai perkara yang telah berlaku pada diri abangabu sendiri. Banyak rintangan serta cabaran yang begitu serious juga telah dilalui . Bagaimanapun semua ini adalah sesuatu yang membuatkan diri AbangAbu lebih bersedia dan lebih berpengalaman untuk meneruskan perjuangan hidup AbangAbu.

Minggu ini AbangAbu melihat kembali apa telah dilakukan oleh dan keseluruhannya.

Setiap Hari akan AbangAbu ceiritakan mengenai setiap produk dan program yang telah abangabu lakukan.


6) Dan lain lain yang dijalankan seperti SIMPAN CHALLENGE.
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Biz Tips: S T A R T I N G

Hi , Tuesday Tips reaching you again. And today AbangAbu want to share something that will be very useful to start a business. The year 2010 is approaching us in a week time.

Many people that i met , be it my students from my classes, seminars , and talks wants to start a business in the new year. I wish all of them a very successful business ventures.

And AbangAbu want to take the opportunity to also share with all of you who really looking into starting your own business some tips on starting your business. The tips to start a business is STARTING.

So lets get STARTING…….

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Sunday News

How have the week went to all of us. AbangAbu were in JB on saturday and sunday. For workshops there, and there is huge opportunities available in Malaysia.

Saturday was a training for a group of people who are in some network marketing business. AbangAbu was invited to do talks on money skills for the members of the group.

They are young and looking fresh in pursuing their new ventures that they are in.

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Join The last 2 previews this week.

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7 Words that will sabotage your success

Abangabu will give those who aspiring to share thier knowledge via abangabu’s blog a chance to do so. Just send email on what you would like to share . will publish that on wednesdays as wednesdays wealth. So this week we have recieved one article to be publish here.

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller
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