This Week Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Interview with Jeff McSweeney With 25 years of experience taking photos, Jeff McSweeney offers some great value to his customers. We spoke to him about starting a photography business and how that’s going for him. The photography field is competitive. We asked Jeff McSweeney how he’s managed to stay ahead of the pack in … [Read more…]

Monday Money: Kompas Wang WorkBook

AbangAbu been updating on all those happening of 2009 which is still available in 2010. After 4 post recently which includes all these below: 1) Map untuk KAYA workshop. 2) MAP2BRICH e Coaching 3) Bijak Belanja program 4) Simpan Challenge Campaign 5) Kompas Wang WorkBook And today it is about another great product that have … [Read more…]

Happy New Year ;2010

Salam and Hi All, AbangAbu is wishing all of you A very very happy new year. May 2010 be a successful year in our life.  Had the 2009 ending in KL for 3 days. A fruitful 3 days with many new things and happenings take place. Many porgrams as well community works will reach many … [Read more…]