Biz Tips – RETAIL

Are you running a retail business? Do you think of starting one? Than todays tip will be very useful for you. AbangAbu would like to share some of the tips that will be useful in making your business on track. This is even very important during this period of economy where the crisis is still … [Read more…]

Monday Money: Money Thoughts

Hi , Its monday again. Be excited. AbangAbu were in a workshop yesterday and it was really good sometime to observe people and you will got so much knowledge , just keeping shut up…. Abangabu just did that… And AbangAbu want to ask you a questions that i asked myself….. HOW DO YOU THINK ABOUT … [Read more…]

Belia dan bisnes: Pentingnya Semangat AKU BOLEH

EKONIAGA BELIA & BISNES Pentingnya menanam semangat ‘aku boleh’ Oleh Abang Abu APAKAH persiapan anda sebagai seorang usahawan dan peniaga dalam merealisasikan matlamat yang telah dilakarkan oleh Jawatankuasa Strategi Ekonomi (ESC)? AbangAbu merasakan usahawan-usahawan Melayu perlu berusaha gigih sekiranya hendak mencapai matlamat tersebut. Apakah yang harus dilakukan supaya usahawan Melayu juga dapat melangkah ke persada … [Read more…]