My wish to all Malaysian

Keep the Great work that all of you been doing. Malaysia is a country that has it all . And I am sure Malaysia is getting into a world class place.

i  m a proud to be ONE.

WAWASAN 2020 is alive in MEKANIK-WANG

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BizTip: G E T R I C H

Hi all, Salam.

This will be first 2008 tip. And with a great goal in mind. The goal is to get rich(u define urself)

Most of us will have set goals as well new year resolutions. I want one of your resolution is to get rich, I will give you the tip to become richer than last year for 2008.

Are you guys ready.


G- Get up early. This is an important element to get rich. You must find time . In todays busy schedule you may argue that there is not enough time. I want you to learn that by wake up early by 30 min you already create 30 min more in your life. Use this time to think and take action on what you set. That is to get rich.

E- Earn more than you spend. Well if you really want to get rich than you must make sure that what you spend never exceed what you earn. Learn to spend within your budget or find ways to earn more than you spend if you cant reduce your expense. If you want to get rich than this is a must

T- Train yourself in one financially value able skill. You need to really master one financially value able skill. What i mean by that is learn one skill that can make more money . Example learn how to sell. learn how to market products and make money, Learn how to write and come out a book. So get into one financially value able skill. Train your self and be a master of it.

R- Resource Network- Build network and make sure that you have a resourceful network. Many of us have network but most of them are social network where we only meet them for entertainment.Build your network that of resource which you can leverage.Think about this it is a key in getting rich.

I- Invest- Learn to invest. Learn to choose great investment. Invest in educating yourself to be good investor. Be it in Properties, business, stocks. Find the one that you really have passion in and learn all about it. You must Invest if you want to get rich. A must to get rich.

C- Charity- Giving back a portion of what we get back to social cause. You will only become richer when you share what you get. It is a mantra and an universal law in getting really rich. So always give a portion as this is where the law of gratitude in action.

H- Habit- make all the above as your daily habit and i promise you that you will only get rich by having these habit.

May all of us become RICH . Ameeen


3 Tricks to supercharge business.

We always wanted to grow our business to next level. We will do so many improvement as well invest in our business to upgrade.

However to make the most and quickest progress in business you do this 3 things.


Have at least a dozen friendly relationships with press…in your immediate business, in your industry, and in other related business. Dont try to exploit those relationships. Do the opposite. Always try to extend the first helping hand.


That is , get on a first name basis with three people who are smarter, better connected, more knowledgeable, and generally more advance than you.


Make contact with people you like to know when you reach the end of your goal… the lawyers or teachers or anyone that will helpful to you then. Agan , develop the relationship now as one which you will the giver.

The secret is to be seen as someone who is likable, helpful, and useful. If you can fill up people who have such impression of you, you’ll have plenty of loyal freinds out there watching your back and pushing you along.


Do take the opportunity to be with me in my SUPER MAP session in September

Biz Tip: I N V E S T

Hi again.

I been thinking of  sharing this concept that i got while i was meditating before my talk at an event recently.

Most people when come to think about invest we always have a mindset of taking out money and guess what happen we might take out the money and never get back.

I tell myself when invest i must have the mindset of receiving when i am investing to receive to get more.

And in business we do must INVEST so that we can grow and sustain our business .

What is INVEST :

I = Innovation. We do have to innovate so that we  always will be leading in our industry. We also have somehow to use others innovation as a form of leverage in our business.

N= Networking. Either you network or you will not work. This is the statement that make me keep networking till now. I believe my network had provide me with all the resources, help, guide, and many more things that i need and want in my business. You must always be networking , Everyday increase at least a new friend into your list.

V= Vision– This is commonly forget . And why so many businesses fail just because their vision is not there or not powerful . Every strong businesses have a great vision. Ask yourself what is your vision and your business vision.The best vision must have social element with monetary and spiritual together.

E= Extra Mile–  What makes your business different from the same industry that you are in . How far you can serve better your customer will put you always in your customers mind. I learn from Siti from Wayan Spa about having share of Mind. Meaning you must put your brand into peoples mind. How to do that is by going extra mile.

S= Social Responsibilty – What are your business social responsible. Are you helping the world a better place to live by doing what you are doing. Environmental friendly, Helping needy, any other social cause will make your business into greater lever. Businesses have a major responsibility on contributing to social causes. make sure your business do have it.

T- Target Niche – Do have a niche that you want to serve. Do find out every single thing about this niche. Having a target niche will always give you the extra in business that called experts. So do ask what niche you have and build that niche.

I believe these are some of the key things in business. Will meet you again with more tips………

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Secret to getting people like you

It is very important making people like you. Even this is not secret to success but i believe it help us to grow and get the support we want.

Recently when i learn something when i were with some popular figures and i noticed that people don’t really come to them even they are very well known. People do approach me and smile at me. What i learn here is that there is some ways in making people to like you.

You must watch yourself always if you are being well mannered.

Here is some questions for you to ask yourself daily…..

1. Do you smile and say “hello” to everyone you meet each day? Even your assistant?

2. Do  you listen attentively when your subordinates speak, even if what they are saying make little or no sense?

3. Do you never raise your voice or lose your temper?

4. Do you say “thank you” every time it’s warranted?

5. Do you criticize people carefully and in private?

6. Do you praise people specifically and in public?

7. Are you careful about your appearance?

8. Do you know the first and last names of all those who report to you?

You practice this and i am very sure you will be liked by all.

How to get Wealthy?

Hi all,

How to get wealthy? Hehehehe. Well the answer that i got for this question when i run my workshops are various.

Do business, marry someone rich, loterry, and many more.

Today i want to share some simple thing that you can do immediately. Keep reading…..

As your career develops, you will face problems and opportunities you haven’t met before. In such cases it will be great if you can get advice from those who have been there before. Dont get a consultant for getting advice but look for a mentor. But how?

Heres how you can do it……

Take a look around your industry. Find successful businesspeople who retired two to five years ago. Why 2 or 5 years because if more than that they might lost touch.

Make a list of 4 to 5 such individuals and than write a nice letter telling them you’ve heard how good they are and asking for their advice.

Dont offer to compensate them. Simply ask for short interview. Take them for a lunch and ask questions. If your personalities click than you will have a permanent mentor.

Remember that in most cases the compensation that this people looking for is psychology and not financial . Continue to tell them how helpful they had been. Make small but meaningful gestures of gratitude.

Dont abuse the relationship.

So my friends, what you waiting for. to get wealthy faster you have to get as many great mentors around you and than you will realise that it is so easy to get wealthy.

pSSSSST.. this secret don’t tell others hehehehe.


Salam Semua,

How are you semua? AbangAbu as usual je. Happy and feelin GREAT.

Ngah rilex after my reading teringat AbangAbu akan AbangAbu nya goals yang wrote down dulu . Than bila AA nengok dah banyak infact 7 goals yang AA wrote down dah jadi pun. Power betul ah.

Kenapa AA nak wrote hari ni pasal goal sebab satu peserta program MAP abang meet AA. Dia gitu happy sebab goal yang dia wrote down masa tu now dah jadi and she just very exicted . Mana nak tak excited sebab  100K lah duit Singapore.AbangAbu tahu akan rahsia tulis goals nie. Ramai masih tak tulis. Bukan tak le but takde power ah. Kalau tulis lagi power.

AbangAbu nak kasi rahsia tulis goal cam mana okie.

1. Tulis goals anda.Tulis, tulis, tulis.

2. Tulis dari dalam goal anda: maksudnya—jangan tulis eg. “saya nak 100,000” tapi tulis begini—“Saya dapat 100,000 dollar singapore pada tarikh 1-11-08”. Kite kena tulis goal kita seperti kita dah dapat.O.K

3. Dah tulis, selalu baca your goals tu. Everyday nengok your goal than baca.

4. Dah baca now kena visualise yang you dah dapat that 100K tadi . Ini sangat penting . You kena ada feeling from within you. Ini very powerful.

So every time you want things that you want to happen fast kat atas tadi akan bantu anda. O.K

AbangAbu ucapkan semoga semua mulalah tulis apa yang nak dicapai.

Semoga semua berjaya.

Power of NIAT ( Intention)

Hi all my friends. I am sure all of you are doing great. AbangAbu have been very busy with so many things that happening at the same time. Some of what we planned work great and some did not turn out as we wanted too.

AbangAbu is a person would like to see why such things happen?

Than when i focus on this that does not work as what we wanted or even never take place at all, i become scared as the negative energy from it is not what i like to feel? So when you have things that you want to happen in your life did not turn out as what you wanted please go ahead with life.Never spend too much time thinking about it which will drain your energy.

And than i start to focus on things that turn out very well as what we wanted and some even better than what we thought. This give you positive energy that suddenly more better things start to roll in to your life.

However , when AbangAbu sit down and think back why is that some happen and some did not?

Many factors involved:
First is NIAT.

AbangAbu always like to check back the NIAT when something does not happen. Look what were our INTENTION when we start something.

First , does that intention is aligned with our own values? Check that. Some times when the intention is not align to our values it will never work.

Second, Sometime our INTENTION is just to make others happy. This will never work as it is not our own intention.

third , We might have Intend but our INTENTION might not strong enough that other factors like money , time or other things block the INTENTION to flow thru into our mind.

SO check all these when ever somethings doesnt go according top our plan. From this exercise you will be able to identify why things does not work.

Next time do this process and you will know what i am saying. Do attend my MAP to be RICH and you will expirience it .

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