HAPPY NATIONAL DAY TO MALAYSIAN My wish to all Malaysian Keep the Great work that all of you been doing. Malaysia is a country that has it all . And I am sure Malaysia is getting into a world class place. i  m a proud to be ONE. WAWASAN 2020 is alive in MEKANIK-WANG

Friday SPECIAL Listings

AbangAbu would like to offer listing every friday for those who would like to promote their services or product at AbangAbu’s Blog. This is to give an opportunity for all small business and home based business to reach to more people.Each week insya allah will be only for FIVE slots. For this will be … [Read more…]

3 Tricks to supercharge business.

We always wanted to grow our business to next level. We will do so many improvement as well invest in our business to upgrade. However to make the most and quickest progress in business you do this 3 things. 1.  CULTIVATE BUSINESS FRIENDSHIP Have at least a dozen friendly relationships with press…in your immediate business, … [Read more…]


Salam Semua, How are you semua? AbangAbu as usual je. Happy and feelin GREAT. Ngah rilex after my reading teringat AbangAbu akan AbangAbu nya goals yang wrote down dulu . Than bila AA nengok dah banyak infact 7 goals yang AA wrote down dah jadi pun. Power betul ah. Kenapa AA nak wrote hari ni … [Read more…]