I am really happy with everything that been blessed during this year. I want to thank 2010 for everything. I am looking forward in making 2011 interesting. As what 2010 wants 2011 will be even great. In order to make NEW YEAR become a successful year AbangAbu would love to share on how to make … [Read more…]

Thank You 2010.

Today will be the last day of 2010. We will never have this day again in our life as again. This is the end of the 2010. And I would love to thank the creator for all the experience that i had go thru in 2010,. I want to thank the year2010 for a wonderful things that … [Read more…]

PASSPORT Cabaran 101010

Salam , Apakah tahun 2010 memberikan anda kejayaan dalam mencapai setiap matlamat? Bagaimana dengan matlamat kewangan anda? Bagaimana pula yang mempunyai matlamat memulakan perniagaan sendiri?Apakah anda melakukan apa yang perlu untuk mendapatkan apa jua matlamat yang anda tetapkan? Bagi anda yang berjaya , tahniah AbangAbu ucapkan , Syabas. Bagi anda yang tidak dapat mencapai matlamat … [Read more…]

Keep Doing.

Great day AbangAbu nak ucapkan to all of you. It has been exciting Hijrah as it started with meeting one of a man that i respect and admire TUN MAHATHIR in the Islamic Financial Conference. Since than , I am engaged in many things and i am loving every moment of that. As usual , … [Read more…]


Do you have a mastermind group on your own? Do you only work on your own? AbangAbu saw how mastermind created  great product s and partnerships. Newbie’s , experience people also need this. Recently , AbangAbu were invited to be at cuti santai , a program that created out of a mastermind group that called themselves … [Read more…]


Its already December. And few more days will be Hijrah. Than New Year. AbangAbu really been blessed with travel this year . I been spending travelling the most for business this year. And Almost every month i do travel and Malaysia been the most. Again for the Month of December i will be travelling to … [Read more…]