I am really happy with everything that been blessed during this year. I want to thank 2010 for everything. I am looking forward in making 2011 interesting. As what 2010 wants 2011 will be even great.

In order to make NEW YEAR become a successful year AbangAbu would love to share on how to make NEW YEAR a GREAT YEAR with the tips.

it is all about NEW YEAR

lets begin,


Never have more than one powerful resolution. The chances of success are much better when you channel your energy into changing just one aspect of your behaviour. So look into finding one resolution that will challenge you to greater heights.


This year around, try to focus more on solutions instead of the problems. You’ve spent the whole year thinking about the problems but now the time calls for corrective measures. Next year, try new and innovative ways to solve your problems. Do you groundwork and don’t be afraid to take risk of trying new ways of problem-solving.


The best approach to succeed in a business is to analyze your strengths and opportunities and capitalize on them. If you took any experimental steps in 2010 which worked well for your business then invest more on them in 2011. For example, if there is a particular product or service that reaped you great profits, you should double your time, money and resources on that.


In the coming year, try to learn from your competitors. Analyze your competitors thoroughly and study their success and failure factors. Benchmark the best in the industry and try to achieve that benchmark in the next year. Adopt the success factors of your rivals and learn from their reasons of failure.


Similar to the previous point, you must also work out a list of things that didn’t work for your business in 2010 and eliminate them from your “to-do-plans” for next year. Run a check on your finances and see what products and services produced losses, so you get rid of them for the next year.


If all of this is a lot to take on and you feel you would benefit from some help – why make it hard on yourself? Ask for help! If that means taking on a personal trainer, coach, or buddying up with a friend for a few months – then do it. Make it easy!


You would certainly want to make a bigger impact with your business next year. In order to do that, you need to brainstorm for bigger and better ideas. Sit down and analyze a set of potential opportunities to explore on and choose the best ones to implement in 2010. Remember, the New Year is a great time to experiment new ideas and products as people are also interested in trying out new things at the start of the year.

These were my personal tips for business success in 2011. If you have more tricks up your sleeves, now will be the perfect time to share them. It will save me and many other business people worried about the crisis lying ahead.

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Thank You 2010.

Today will be the last day of 2010. We will never have this day again in our life as again. This is the end of the 2010. And I would love to thank the creator for all the experience that i had go thru in 2010,. I want to thank the year2010 for a wonderful things that happen and for new opportunities too.

I know that 2010 will want me to have a greater 2011. So i would like to thank 2010 for all the things that it has given me.

AbangAbu want to welcome the year 2011 with GREAT feeling and gratitude. I am looking forward to work along 2011 into more successes and make they year 2011 achieve the success it wanted me to get.


2011 is approaching and are you ready?

Year 2010 was great and 2011 will be even greater with GOD grace.
I am sure all of us want the best of everything in the year 2011.

AbangAbu had wonderful 2010 and looking forward of wonderful 2011 as well. Many great things been planned and may the creator of this universe will allow those to happen and make a positive impact in the life of people.

As to start the YEAR 2011 , do take some time to reflect on things that happened in the year 2010. Learn from all mistakes that may happen and do not repeat those again. Stick on those things that work out well for you and give those things some energy to make it happen again.

1)Look at those who been so helpful and been supportive in all things that you have been doing. Send them a thank you message and show them that how much you value their support for coming 2011 too

2) Forgive those who been not very kind to you as well not supportive of you forgive them , and just don’t think about it again. But beware of what happened and look at 2011 in positive note.

This are those important and key things that you must do before even think of new resolution for 2011

Again AbangAbu want to share the method that will be useful in making 2011 a memorable year in your life , God willing.

The method is A B C D. those of you who know these method and i believe most of you already know this. As what is in my ABU success method e book that is free for you to download and keep for inspiration.

A = Aim of 2011 , B = Believe in the Aim of 2011 . C = Courage to change for 2011. D = Do it till you get it by 2011.

As the first step AbangAbu would like to wish all of you a BIG THANK YOU for being in my list as well been reading my blog post. I hope that it had been fruitful for you for dropping by to my blog.

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PASSPORT Cabaran 101010

Salam , Apakah tahun 2010 memberikan anda kejayaan dalam mencapai setiap matlamat? Bagaimana dengan matlamat kewangan anda? Bagaimana pula yang mempunyai matlamat memulakan perniagaan sendiri?Apakah anda melakukan apa yang perlu untuk mendapatkan apa jua matlamat yang anda tetapkan?

Bagi anda yang berjaya , tahniah AbangAbu ucapkan , Syabas. Bagi anda yang tidak dapat mencapai matlamat anda jangan risau kerana anda bukan keseorangan dalam perkara tersebut. terdapat ramai yang tidak dapat mencapai matlamat mereka.

Bagaimana dengan tahun 2011? Apakah anda sudah menulis matlamat baru? Apakah anda mempunyai apa apa strategi dalam mencapai matlamat kali ini?

AbangAbu membuat kajian apa antara perkara yang menyebabkan seseorang tidak mencapai matlamat kewangan.

Antara sebab sebab yang ketara dalam perkara ini adalah :
1) tiada masa dan terlalu sibuk
2) tiada idea
3)tiada modal
4) tiada rakan untuk membantu
5)tiada sokongan.

Sebagai satu cara untuk mengatasi perkara ini AbangAbu memperkenalkan satu program khas yang dibentuk untuk membantu semua yang ingin mencapai matlamat kewangan dan juga perniagaan mereka. Tidak kira anda melakukan apa apa perniagaan atau yang ingin dan mempunyai matlamat untuk memulakan perniagaan.

AbangAbu menamakan program ini

Ini bertujuan untuk menjadikan keadaan ekonomi diri dan keluarga melayu menjadi lebih perkasa. Abangabu akan menceritakan lebih lagi esok.

Apakah salah satu matlamat cabaran 101010?

mencapai $100,000. Dan AbangAbu akan berkongsi strategi yang boleh menjana $100,000 dalam masa 10 bulan. AbangAbu sendiri sedang dalam process mencuba strategi ini tanpa apa apa modal. Ianya amat memberangsangkan. Dan sebelum permualaan program PASSPORT Cabaran 101010 , AbangAbu akan mencapai matlamat tersebut.

Jangan sekali lagi anda hanya menulis matlamat tahun baru , sebaliknya jadikan matlamat anda menjadi kenyataan dengan menyertai PASSPORT Cabaran 1010101.

Salam kejayaan dari AbangAbu.

Keep Doing.

Great day AbangAbu nak ucapkan to all of you.

It has been exciting Hijrah as it started with meeting one of a man that i respect and admire TUN MAHATHIR in the Islamic Financial Conference.

Since than , I am engaged in many things and i am loving every moment of that.

As usual , on the night of Hijrah i were in Penang for the cuti santai program. While on the trip back to singapore with Air Asia, i were reflecting on all the things happen all these years.

I were just looking back when the early time when i start to do training. I were struggle to make people understand on what i were doing. teaching kids about money. All schools never get the point that i told them at those time.

That was the years that school never understand the important of all the life skills for the students. but now all change, many school have made it important to students learn this life skills.

than i grew with getting many invitations to do in many schools the programs and workshops. Which leads to making good money and in the process getting more and more recognitions.

One thing that were inmy mind during all those days and also these days is just keep doing what i want to do.

I were doing it with all my heart and without expecting anything. These is what i believe the most important ingredient to be successful in one life.

So , lets do what we suppose to do without expecting any kind of returns, because the returns will come naturally . so you dont have to worry about any returns.

AbangAbu wish all you a great new year and may all of us be bless with good and great thing in our lives.


Do you have a mastermind group on your own?

Do you only work on your own?

AbangAbu saw how mastermind created  great product s and partnerships.

Newbie’s , experience people also need this.

Recently , AbangAbu were invited to be at cuti santai , a program that created out of a mastermind group that called themselves Team Penang.

It shows that newbie, experience person,  wannabie and aspiring people come together and form a team of their own. the result was awesome as they see bigger opportunities.

The program that they created become reality and looking forward in become an exclusive event for all the internet marketer.

What make me so amaze is that in that event , more mastermind team was formed among the attended the event.

AbangAbu also had chance to synergies with few of them to come out product and programs . The important of have your own mastermind is so critical in winning .

Make this coming year as a year that you will forma very strong mastermind group that will be able to work together.


Its already December. And few more days will be Hijrah. Than New Year.

AbangAbu really been blessed with travel this year . I been spending travelling the most for business this year. And Almost every month i do travel and Malaysia been the most.

Again for the Month of December i will be travelling to PENANG. It is a holiday cum business as well. I am looking forward to this first of its kind here in Malaysia and Singapore.

Just attending seminars will just make you rich with knowledge but some time it goes no use.

This kind of meetings where mix of fun , learning and networking will bring a fresh and new ideas to live. Many fresh and collabrative ideas can be made as well.

I am looking forward to it

check this out …..