Mekanik$ – $50-$/bizCoaching

Mekanik$ coaching provides many of the usual tools and instruction provided by other educational resources including how-to instruction on investment strategy, risk management, leverage, mathematical expectation, continuity income, and much more. The difference is mekanik$ coaching takes all this a step further by helping you integrate all this instruction with your internal game – your thinking and habitual … [Read more…]

Entrepreneur of Cabaran 7 – Faezah

Wonderful feedbacks, great learning we get so far from all our featured entrepreneurs in . And today AbangAbu want to introduce another great entrepreneur in the making to be even more and more successful. A simple yet determined individual from our cabaran 101010 family…… Lets Welcome Faezah Jonit Faezah Jonit Owner of Qucept Apparels. … [Read more…]