Biz Tip – “P I C K – U P”

This week AbangAbu were in Junior Chambers International , Top Outstanding People Award competition as a Judge together with 8 more wonderful people that i got to know on that day. I had a great chance to chit chat with them while judging the young people who were selected to have a face to face interview with the judges.

And I do realized something very common among them as well all the young people who have the potential to win the award.

It is about how fast they able to pick up after each failures that happen during their journey of life. And that is one powerful message i learnt from participating in the panel of judges.

I had many time also been ask on this issue in my talks and seminars . “How to overcome failure in business”

And AbangAbu want to share this tip on how to overcome failures is by PICK-UP yourself again. And how to do that ? I am going to use the PICK – UP ….. SO lets PICK UP…….
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BizTip: S T A R

Ever thought of being a STAR company where most people will know . MicroSoft, Coca Cola, IBM, Pepsi, MacDonald. These are some company that are very familiar not only for us but most of the people.

So what are the thing that we need to do in order to be a STAR in our industry, This will be applicable for individuals too.

So here you are…

S= Strategic Plan – You must explore what is needed, how have been the the result and what need to be done. What are the responsibilities of each members of the team.Must decide on what are the opportunities that will be activated.

T=Targets – you must have some target that been decided by all team members to achieve. It can be simple goals that leads to greater goals and objectives that you have set. This is very important on where are the business going and moving.

A= Activate all the plans that you had set . The result will only happen when you take actions. So activate all parts that you plan.Make sure everything is in order.

R= Reality Check- Please make sure that you are monitoring the progress. It should not only be shown in papers but visually you must see what the current status of the plan. Make necessary adjustment to it. Be Real and not just to look good.

With all this step i am very sure you are already on the way to build a STAR business.

Monday Money –

Today AbangAbu felt that want to share an article that read , why? because i agree with what the author of this article wrote, In order to make more money in your business the no 1 tip is customer service. Just reflect back on your own experiences , you will know what is a great customer service means.

So here what i read….
The first question any business must understand is WHAT
business they are actually in.
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Entrepreneur of Today – Cabaran 101010 – 16 – Nora Kamsani

GREAT – Thats is what i always feel when i knew another person in our community get involved in business. It can be in any business , AbangAbu always welcome people to start their own business.

Today i want to introduce a person that i know few years ago attending MAPuntukKAYA wealth creation program. And this person have been in the look out for opportunities as well hungry for learning. She attended many workshops and seminars by many different individuals in Singapore.

She also will always look for ideas and that also gave AbangAbu to have IBM as many might be looking for ideas.

Let me introduce sister NORA KAMSANI , and I believe she have so much of knowledge that can be shared with all of us.

1) What kind of business do you have? What inspired you to become an Entrepreneur business owner?
a) I m Nora Kamsani from Razzqee Services.
b) Razzqee offers affordable IT services all under one roof from designing, executing, maintaining and training
c) It has been my dream to own a business that treats employees well and assist customers achieve their goals.
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This Week Entrepreneur : Malek Awab

Hi all,  Today i Am sharing with you one of our favourite son of Singapore Football, Malek Awab , a name that been always in mind of football supporters and fans.

As what he been in football , now he is showing the skill in the business world. I am sure this man will make it big in business as i learn one thing from him. HUMBLENESS in him make me really respect this man.

This is the interview that i did with him… So here you go. The interview is in Malay ..fandietc.jpg

Malek Awab menceburkan diri dalam bidang perniagaan setelah lama membantu sahabat beliau dalam perniegiaan tersebut. Bacalah temuramah yang amat berpelajaran ini. Beliau menjalankan perniagaan barangan sukan.

SBD: Apa Khabar Malek?

Malek: Khabar Baik.

SBD: Malek , Terma Kasih kerana sudi bersama Selebriti bulan ini dan berkongsi tip tip usahawan.

Malek: Sama Sama.

SBD: Apakah pandangan Malek terhadap perniagaan ?

Malek: Bisnes adalah sesuatu yang serious. Mesti fikir pasal bisnes 24 jam. Dan minda mesti sentiasa positif.

SBD: Apakah Minda positif yang Malek Maksudkan?

Malek: Seseorang peniaga mesti mempunyai minda yang positif sebab dalam bisnes kadang kadang apa yang kita pelan tak jadi , maka masa itu kita harus bersikap positif dengan mencari jalan lain . Misalanya dalam bisnes kita , kadang kadang stok tak habis jadi kita kena jual pada harga yang lebih rendah dari kos supaya kita dapat bawak masuk barang baru. Jadi kena positif.

SBD:Adakah seseorang itu perlu ada mentor dan siapa mentor malek?

Malek: Mesti kena ada , sebab kita boleh belajar banyak perkara. Mentor saya adalah rakan niaga saya, Bakar, dia banyak membantu saya memahami konsep perniagaan , bagaimana untuk membeli stok bau serta dimana untuk mendapatkan pemborong misalnya. Saya banyak belajar dari beliau.

SBD:Apakah yang menjadi satu sumber yang penting ketika memulakan perniagaan malek?

Malek: Sumber utama adalah pengalaman bekerja dalam bidang tersebut. Sebab sebelum jadi rakan niaga saya memulakan dengan bekerja dengan syarikat tersebut. Saya banyak belajar dan hingga hari ini saya masih berkerja seperti mana saya mula dahulu.Ini memberikan saya banyak pengalaman yang berguna yang dapat saya gunakan dalam perniagaan saya.

SBD: Apakah satu strategi pemasaran yang pada pandangan Malek yang amat efektif?

Malek: Saya rasa yang paling penting adalah hubungan denagn pelanggan. Sebab dalam bidang saya ini saya banyak berhubungan dengan persatuan persatuan . Dan saya mesti mempunyai hubungan yang baik dengan mereka supaya mereka akan memberikan saya peluang. Jadi relationship is important sekali. Kita mesti jaga pelanggan kita.

SBD: Apakah modal perlu dalam memulakan perniagaan ?

Malek: Mesti. Sesiapa yang nak mulakan perniagaan mesti melabur duit mereka sendiri. Ini sebab kalau tak kluarkan duit kita tak rasa komited. Kalau nak komit dalam sesuatu bisnes mesti labor duit sendiri. Kalau tak labor duit , mereka tak serious dalam bisnes.

SBD:Malek, apakah tip tip yang malek rasa amat perlu untuk menjadi seorang usahawan?

Malek: Saya ini bukan lah usahawan, saya ini pekerja saja. Saya lebih suka kalau dipanggil sebagai pekerja , senang untuk saya dan saya boleh buat kerja saya dengan lebih baik . Jadi mestilah seorang usahawan itu mempunyai sifat ingin bekerja kuat, mempunyai wang untuk melabur dalam bisnes , kalau takde duit jangan buat bisnes, berfikiran positif yang kuat, dan keberanian dalam menghadapi risiko bisnes.

SBD:Bagaimana dengan tanggung jawap terhadap keluarga , dan juga sebagai seorang personaliti dan perniagaan anda?

Malek: Keluarga mesti faham. Penting sekali, bagi malek , keluarga amat faham keadaan saya, ibu ayah , serat ibu mertua saya dan semua famili faham . Ini memudahkan saya untuk menumpukan perhatian pada perniagaan saya. Dalam hal masyarakat , anda mesti lah bersifat tidak sombong, mesti merendah diri walaupun dah famous macam mana pun , baru lah orang akan suka pada kita. Mesti kena hormat pada semua orang.

SBD: Malek , AbangAbu sendir boleh merasakan betapa serious sekali Malek mengenai bisnes. Apa pula rancangan masa depan malek dan perniagaan malek?

Malek: Untuk diri sendiri nak jadikan anak saya belajar seberapa tinggi, dalam perniagaan insya allah nak berkembang lagi besar. Semau pelan ini dilakukan oleh rakan niaga saya.

SBD: Terima Kasih Malek, sekali lagi

Malek: Sama Sama.

Itulah tadi sedutan temuramah yang dijalankan bersama Selebriti bulan ini.

AbangAbu juga dalam edisi ini ingin berkongsi antara tip tip emas yang AbangAbu cungkil dari diri Malek yang akan membantu anda semua.

1- Positif Mindset- Minda positif yang kuat

2- Humble – Sikap merendah diri dan menghormati

3- Focus – Tumpuan penuh dalam perniagaan

4- Serious – Dalam perniagaan perlu disiplin diri tinggi

5- Relationship Marketing – Hubungan rapat dan mesra dengan pelanggan

6- Family – Keluarga yang memahami keadaan dan perniagaan.


Tuesday Tips – ‘GET GOAL’

It has been always GOAL SETTING in business as well in life. I am sure all of us been doing this since the school days. And when we look back , very seldom we ever did what we set. It always the case of burn out in the quarter way of our journey.

Why this happen, because we just set the goal and never plan to get the goal. SO Now it is time for us to change the word from goal setting to goal getting.

So how to’ GET GOAL’… AbangAbu would like to share on how we can get goal that we want.

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Be A Mentor – Get A Mentor .

AbangAbu felt this is a powerful key of success in business.  Mentor is a person that

M-Make A difference in a person life

E- Empower people to be their best

N- Navigate Change in a person

T- Total Inspired to Inspire others

O – Observe and Lead others

R-Reliable Leader

Get time to get to know them by asking for breakfast or Lunch….  Want to have IBM

Many inexperienced entrepreneurs have great qualities like intelligence, talent, drive, and ambition, yet there is much to gain from the help of an older, wiser business guru. If you possess the skills and experience that would benefit a young entrepreneur, consider taking on a mentee. Not sure if you have what it takes? The typical small business mentor possesses some pretty straightforward traits:
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Entrepreneur of Today – Cabaran101010 – 15- Haini Rahmat

How many of us always give excuse of not having ideas to start a business, or even says we don’t have money to have our own business.

Many will give all these reasons of why never get started in business even they themselves says that business is what they want to have.

It is all about burning desire that you have in you will make you to get started even with all of these reasons.

Haini Rahmat, the entrepreneur that abangabu want to introduce have choose to go into business with only burning desire and purpose to have own business. She went to join network marketing business to start her journey. And I am sure with that kind of HUNGER in oneself it is just matter of time in making it big in our lives.

Lets us get some learnings from her sharing today…. So presenting to you HAINI RAHMAT…

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Entrepreneur of Today – Cabaran101010 – Zuraidah Saragi

AbangAbu were inspired by her sharing on how she never ever had a lum sum of 1000 before. And i can see in her sharing through her voice the feeling of achievement. And AbangAbu really believe that that feeling of achievement will be the secret in making her to move on to the next stage in her life.

I am so touch and felt so happy with her achievement , even for some it is not a BIG DEAL , but it is a VERY BIG DEAL in her life, I can feel what she feels. A person who been working hard for long time in her life. AbangAbu learn about constant urge in upgrading oneself is full in her heart. AbangAbu really doakan may sister Zuraidah be blessed with many more successes in her life.

Now, let all of us learn something from this “IRON LADY” of Cabaran 101010. Introducing to you ZURAIDAH SARAGI, her sharing will be in MALAY.

1)What kind of business do you have? What inspired you to become an Entrepreneur business owner?
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