Menjana Wang di Internet

Sejak kebelakangan ini , banayak seminar dan bengkel menjana Wang di internet sedang berlangsung!!!!

AbangAbu amat tertarik dengan industri ini kerana banyak sekali diperbualkan mengenai menjana wang di internet ini. Tapi malangnya apa yang AbangAbu dengar pula dari ramai orang amat menyedihkan kerana terdapat ramai yang mengaku diri mereka “pakar pakar dan juga selalu membuat iklan iklan dalam akhbar untuk meyakinkan pelanggan ” telah meletakan harga yang amat tinggi dengan menjanjikan mereka akan menjana wang dalam internet.

Malangnya ada yang membayar dengan harapan yang tinggi, bagaimana pun mereka tidak mendapat apa apa hasil sebaliknya mereka digesa untuk sambung dengan menghadiri bengkel lain . Ini adalah sesuatu yang paling salah dari segi pandangan AbangAbu.

AbangAbu sendiri adalah seorang yang ingin belajar banyak tentang ilmu internet ini. Dan apa yang AbangAbu dengar dari pakar pakar ini amat membingungkan kerana tahap yang disampaikan oleh ramai pakar pakar ini seperti kita dah faham benar dengan internet padahal kita tidak faham langsung pun .

AbangAbu pun mula belajar lebih dari internet sendiri dengan mencari ilmu ilmu di internet melalui google search.

Akhirnya setelah hampir 2 tahun mengharapa orang lain menjaga website dan blog sebab AbangAbu tidak tahu sangat menggunakannya. Namun tak ada apa apa hasil kewangan yang dirai pun.

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Money in Internet – Blog

If you have read my previous blog post – About myslef who dont have any knowledge about using internet manage to learn to make money.

It is the basic simple principle that never been told by any internet marketers , infact many of them selling very sophisticated system, expensive seminars and many things that never helped them in understanding on how it works.

As i told you , i want to share my own experience. I engaged a person to do a website when i start to know the important of website. But than i realise it been like an expenses as always have to pay people to update even nothing is produced.

than i start to read and follow some people online and i start to create my own blog , i have to pay someone to set it up for me. And than that person become busy and have no time for me. I have to depend too much dependent on them. I hardly can do anything without their help.

I started to do something on my own, i googled many sites and pick up some lesson from this blogs and website.
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Money in Internet!

AbangAbu want to reveal 3 things that you must have in order to make money online if you are just like me ( dont know much about technical knowledge, programming and ect about internet)

As i been seeing so much buzz about making money thru internet , and many people like me who doesn’t really understand about internet seems to be overwhelmed with courses and seminars that talks so much jargons which confuses these people and make them sign courses with the promises that they will be able to make money after the workshops.

And being to all these talks and also be friending many successful internet marketing in Malaysia and Singapore and recently teaming up with one the most influential internet marketer in the world. I want to reveal to all my readers that you just need to master 3 things in order to start making money online. And the best thing is that you dont really need thousands of dollars to start making money online.

I have been making money thru internet with just these 3 tools. And I want you too to benefit from my sharing . And the best is i learn in on my own without spending a single cents on going to any internet seminars. I am giving it all now for you to apply and start make money.

What you need?
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Irfan Khairi ‘LIVE’ di Singapore

AbangAbu amat gembira untuk memberikan berita ini kepada semua yang berada di Singapura juga Johor Bahru.

Seorang ‘ICON’ dalam dunia perniagaan internet masyarkat Melayu di Nusantara ini. Seorang pemuda yang telah menempah nama juga mencapai million dollar mark pada usia 25 tahun. Seorang yang amat di hormati oleh semua IM -IM di Malaysia.

Seorang yang telah membawa revolusi INTERNET di MALAYSIA.

lihat sendiri di sini akan kejayaan beliau

Dr Irfan akan berada di Singapura pada 28 May 2011 . Satu workshop selama 4 jam bersama beliau akan berlangsung di Singapura.

Date: Saturday , 28th May
Time: 2pm – 6pm
Venue:Republic Poly . LTE5 Woodland ave 9

***********1.30pm – Registration Starts

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Entrepreneur Today Cabaran 101010 – 18- Sister Duriati

It has been a wonderful journey to meet so many upcoming , experience and establish entrepreneurs in my life.

I have been learning so much from each one of them just by listening and reading about them. And today I am introducing another entrepreneur that been building a strong foundation. A person who been tirelessly learning from many people. in the verge of giving up going to seminars because of the hypes and no results but lost money until she made a last throw attending seminars by joining CABARAN.

AbangAbu wish her to get her dream soon.

I am sure you can learn so much from here through this interview…. Lets here from Kak Duriati from MUSTIKA NOR.

1) What kind of business do you have? What inspired you to become an Entrepreneur business owner?

Good Deals, for Good…. This is how I started the Therapy Centre business at Kembangan Plaza…. I am running home spa business and Mobile Post Natal and its been more that 15 years experience. Ever own shop and spa with my sister 1990’s . Which now numbers of new clients and young ladies who enjoyed professional massage with nice personal touch… Now its been a better time to be we own centre a very relaxing environment that contributes to the success of each session.
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Biz Tip : CHAMP

AbangAbu feel fresh again after complete 2 days off from Business Activities and just spend time doing nothing but with my family. During this time were in the mood of soccer games as my fav team MAN UTD were playing for 2 tittles ( EPL and Champions League)

And today while reflecting my 2 days ( my routine reflection time) my mind were just keep thinking of MAN UTD games . I always wanted to learn from their victories that i can apply in my business as well maybe by others too.

So i decided to see what i can learn from the MAN ( Alex Ferguson). In order to create Champions I do believe the leader should have something that we can learn from.

And i want to make it easy for us to remember, so i coined this acronym CHAMP. So to be a CHAMP the things i learnt from Sir Alex Ferguson are….


When Sir Alex took charge at Manchester United he had a very distinct and clear vision, it wasnt one that many people would have expected but it was bold and ambitious.

On his arrival at Old Trafford, he told the media “My greatest challenge is not what’s happening at the moment, my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their status……

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Entrepreneur of Today – Cabaran 101010 – 17 – Nooraini Ghaus

AbangAbu would like to introduce another entrepreneur who have so much knowledge in her about something she does.

I was stunned knowing what she has been dealing. I am very scared person watching all the tools of her trade.

Lets see what make her so brave and yes i am sure we would learn so much from her.

I am so happy to introduce another family member of cabaran101010 to all of my lovely readers. Interview with sis Nooraini Ghaus

1. What kind of business do you have?

I am very much into Alternative Treatment. At the moment I am a Leech Therapist. I started this business in January 2011.
My website:
Prior to this I was specialise in traditional therapy for new mums.
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