First Half Review

We are approaching the final stages of the first half of 2011. And I am sure we had been busy all the months “trying” to achieve all the goals that we set in the beginning of the year. And there must be people who had achieved their half year goals and some might forget everything … [Read more…]

JUS Suria Interview

AbangAbu were at Suria TV for a segmen in a program called JUS. And infotainment program that showcase important subjects like wealth , money , business, family , food and ect. This week segment were about business and home. So that is the reason why AbangAbu were invited as a guess to speak about the … [Read more…]

MBA 4 Kidz

A team of 5 youth from UTHM Malaysia had taken up a project to run. This are a team of graduates from UTHM that very passionate of running their own business after graduation. The commitment that they showed had convince AbangAbu to provide guidance and support as well work together on a project that i … [Read more…]

Weekend Learning

Yesterday on 11 jun 2011 , I was together with Imran Kuyobe and ESQ165 Pak Arif conducted a talk session for about 100 plus people at Cairnhill CC. It was great session and one thing that i feel that was good that Imran Kuyobe shared for building a great business using the acronym  S A … [Read more…]


Its been amazing week that AbangAbu had. Full of programs , workshops and talks. And in fact there are also few talks coming this weekend as well. During this i were asked mostly questions on how to stay financial fit. AbangAbu said that they just have to use what AbangAbu’s S.A.I.D