First Half Review

We are approaching the final stages of the first half of 2011. And I am sure we had been busy all the months “trying” to achieve all the goals that we set in the beginning of the year.

And there must be people who had achieved their half year goals and some might forget everything about their goals as they been busy with the demand of life, be it working , studying or even doing nothing.

As in any sports, there will be a period that each team will have a chance to review and re plan during the half time. Same goes for us.

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JUS Suria Interview

AbangAbu were at Suria TV for a segmen in a program called JUS.

And infotainment program that showcase important subjects like wealth , money , business, family , food and ect.

This week segment were about business and home. So that is the reason why AbangAbu were invited as a guess to speak about the topic,

Before the program i asked the producer of the program on how she find to get me for this program. What is the reason as i am not familiar to her. The one answer that stunt me was ” YOU THE ONE THAT COMES TO OUR MIND WHEN TALK ABOUT BUSINESS IN OUR COMMUNITY”

It comes as a shock to me as there many successful business person around that are far ahead than myself. This make me think i the thing that i did right.

The answer was stay FOCUS on one single thing for many years. I make myself that only speaks about business and money which includes motivations. I only take invitations that ask me to talk about these 2 things. That make me become known for this topics.

And what is the single lesson that i want to bring from the sharing is the important of staying focus and doing just what you want to do.

This will create a brand that will stick in peoples mind for long time.

In that show i were asked on tips of starting a business whether from home, shop or online . It all need the same basic things.

All i had shared and compile as workbook to get started. You can check it out and also get a copy for yourself. And English version is available. Just stated after the order that you need it in Malay or English.

Check this out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

MBA 4 Kidz

A team of 5 youth from UTHM Malaysia had taken up a project to run. This are a team of graduates from UTHM that very passionate of running their own business after graduation.

The commitment that they showed had convince AbangAbu to provide guidance and support as well work together on a project that i believe a noble project.

A project to instill entrepreneurial spirit among the kids in Malaysia thru some practical workshop called MBA 4 Kidz.

The Buddies with Mekanik$

I am sure this is a project that align with the government of Malaysia vision, and also the aspirations of more younger generation to be involved in business, the kids are going to learn some skills that will last a life time. Continue reading MBA 4 Kidz

Weekend Learning

Yesterday on 11 jun 2011 , I was together with Imran Kuyobe and ESQ165 Pak Arif conducted a talk session for about 100 plus people at Cairnhill CC.

It was great session and one thing that i feel that was good that Imran Kuyobe shared for building a great business using the acronym  S A I L.

S that he mentioned is about sales, The most important to have in business is SALES. He mentioned about it is the single most important thing that an organization should focus on. The greater the sales the better that the organization will expand towards betterment.

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MONEY GARAGE – First Step on How to Make Money Online.

It was a pleasure being as a speaker at Million Dollar Marketing Strategy which just finish at Roxy Square Hotel with Fadzuli Wahab, Suria Mohd  and Noor Mohamad.

After the session , i can see many are excited to get into taking action by signing up for courses that been offered by everyone.

First, Congratulations for taking that 1st STEP in investing in yourself by attending trainings and workshops.  This is what i had done many years ago , going for talks and signing up seminars after seminars spending more that $40k+ in the process .

Second , Beware that signing up and attending workshops alone will never a guarantee that you are going to be successful. It is more of the willingness to change and follow and do what you need to do.

Take small steps in getting there is important, as taking big leap when you are not ready, will just make you struggle and in pain as you are overwhelmed with things that might be painful for you to do it in a one go…. ( those who will do it are those people who have that hunger and pain to get there…..)
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One untold secret to Brand Your Business.

Today AbangAbu would like to ask you a question ? Would you like to have your business suddenly known by many people and be on TV, interviewed on radio , getting full page or even free publicities from News paper, Magazine and getting invitations from many organizations asking you to speak at their events?

If you dont want such things than , you dont have to click below. However If you want that to happen to you and your business than click below
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