Biz Tip: S E L L I N G

ck AbangAbu believe that every one is having great time. Remember only when we feel GREAT than we can overcome any challenges in our life. so ( GET REALLY EXCITED ABOUT TODAY)………

This is one of the most challenging time for entrepreneurs and business however there is always great opportunities ahead as well.

One of the way to stay afloat in this current times is to do one of the most important thing. It is to keep SELLING. This will make your business keep floating and even grow in the current condition.

However what the best way and steps to sell….. Here we go…

S= Set Target

Always start your week or even day on the target number or even amount that you want to achieve. Write it somewhere that can always be seen. Keep tell your mind about it and keep thinking about it . This wil keep you on track of your target.

E= Ever Ready
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Biz Tip : 4 R

Great day to all my friends , brothers and sisters.

For All muslim brothers and sisters AbangAbu wish all of you Ramadhan Mubarak.

Today will be the beginning of 1st Ramadhan as well 1st August. This will a great time for AbangAbu introduce a concept that will make your business to strive and get the goal that been set when we first do at the beginning of the year.

It is like almost toward the last quarter of the year and where are we right now. This is the best time for us to use the 4R concept that AbangAbu would like to share with all of you.

Are ready? If your ready than lets start now

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