Biz Tip – KL-JKT-SG

Some points during my journey to these 3 capitals recently and something we can learn for our business. K.L K=Knowing People – This is something very important to do business in any part of the world. And in KL this will be a very great advantage for business people. So before doing business in KL … [Read more…]

Be Urself

AbangAbu were at the biggest marketing conference in Indonesia last week under invitation. AbangAbu really feel that Indonesia is a market that we need to seriously look into, as it has the potential to be the  global player in many things. And the best part is that Indonesia offers 3rd biggest domestic market. So guess … [Read more…]


Its always amazing to see successful businesses as well entrepreneurs who make it big in their entrepreneurial journey. And sometime i wonder what make them so successful yet many are struggling to even get started or maintain what they had started. I been studying many of the successful people what the secret behind their success. And I … [Read more…]

Ist GEN Youth Millionaire

Alhamdullilah , it was a great 4 days of complete training for a group of youth from Beranang , Selangor. 16 youths were with AbangAbu under go Kem Bisnes bersama AbangAbu. In the program we had also listen to 2 successful entrepreneurs who share their business journey and ultimately both of them emphasis on the … [Read more…]