Blessed Friday-Money and Marriage Success tip #14: I am loved by many.

Good morning, awesome people of the world…

How many times, have we felt like we are totally all alone in this world?

Especially when challenges happen in our lives, we tend to submerge in that loneliness and drown in our own sorrows because we felt that we are alone and no one can help us.

Is that TRUE? Is that really, really true?

When MARRIAGES are faced with problems (I prefer to use the term “CHALLENGES) , “modern couples” nowadays preferred to solve them out by themselves. No intrusion of external parties even immediate families like parents/in-laws. They feel that they might interfere and add more conflicts and confusion to the challenge at hand.

Whereas in actual fact, there are many professionals and even family members (whom we trust and love dearly) especially elders who have gone thru life’s ups and downs who can see the whole challenge as an onlooker and give their thoughts and advice or participate as mediators.

When we faced with MONEY problems, the same can be said. There are many SOLUTIONS to every challenge. There are many people who are professionally experts in these matters. Just look at their lives. They are a walking success boards.

We are NEVER alone. There are many who LOVED us..some LOVED us more than we loved ourselves. Do not tune them out just because you do not want to trouble them or because of all the little voices in your head.

A friend recently was in trouble. She wanted help but she was afraid to voice out. She thought she was alone and kept her troubles to herself.

If she did not voice out, how do anyone knew her challenges and wanted to help her, right?

And also because she was raised as the one who solved other people’s problems and she was often seen as the “tough one”. This identity of hers stay intact in her skin and personality that she refused to ask for help.

Eventually, after I noticed her restlessness and her “unusual silent” mood, I pestered her and she poured out.

She is a single mother of 3 kids. She needs a roof over her head.But she refused to meet up with organisations who can be of help to her. In her mind, ” I’m not that bad, I still can survive. There are others who need more than me, let them serve these people who are worse than me”.

That was the “mantra” in her head. Eventually if she continues on, she will be worse than anyone else. She will not even afford a roof over her head and her kids. And might have to live on the streets. But do we have to wait till that happens?

I persuaded her to just apply and seek help from these “angels organisation” and see what happens.

I asked her to start receiving little kindness and be grateful for that.

At first, it was tough to change old habits. But eventually, she relented and try it out.

Now not only did the organisations helped her out by getting her a home for her and her kids, but also get her a job that she is passionate about and at the same time she is able to care for her kids as well.

She is now very happy, leading a fulfilling life.She also went out to meet other single parents and help them in anyway she can.

She told me that- “Actually, its ok to receive. I have been giving out so much that I have no more to give. And I have trouble receiving from others. But as I learn to receive little kindness for myself and my kids, more and more “rezki” (abundance) are flowing in. Alhamdulillah.”

So whenever you are down and felt so all alone, remember that is not true…and tell yourself that – “I am LOVED by many.” Look around you and be thankful for all the people in your life.

Accept and embrace all kindness be it small or big. Once you learnt to RECEIVE The small things, the BIG things start rolling in…without you realising.

The moral of this story is that if you cannot receive the little money and the little love in your life, how can you be sure you are capable of receiving the BIG money and the BIG love in your life? Sometimes, we are so used to being self-sufficient that we tend to push away anyone who wanted to share/help us in our lives. I knew this too well because I faced these challenges as well. But that shall be another story to be told, another day, ok?

Take care,

You are never alone.
My love is for u wherever you are.

Love,live, laugh,

Lina Masrina ,
the World Halal Traveller
(I have travelled to 36 countries.If I can do it, you can do better!)

Blessed Friday-Money and Marriage Success tip #13 I am responsible

Good morning, awesome people of the world…
Today’s tip on money and marriage is: I am RESPONSIBLE.

Shout it out loud and clear.

The world is what you make out of it.For everything that we do, we are responsible for it.

I’m still on a roadtrip. Abundance scenery, gorgeous people, wonderful and fantabulous lessons learnt.

The fact that I’m also bus hopping thruout the states, makes me more starry-eyed groggy but more adaptable to changes.(I just learnt that in Malaysia, one cannot be too sure that they will travel in the same bus thruout even though they paid for that brand they felt happy with)

Fr both money and marriage , we are all responsible for it.For the choices we make daily, for the outcomes of it, for the lessons learnt, for the pain and pleasures that came out of it….etc.

Embrace that.There are no MISTAKES but LESSONS.

Do not justify, lay blame, create excuses…if you must point a finger, point it at yourself.

No one, not even our parents are to be blamed for the life we chose now. We are RESPONSIBLE. Claim that responsibility like a great leader and manouever it well.

I do wish to lengthen this “conversation” but as mentioned, this is hot from oven… inspired by my never ending travels…and the wonderful inspiring teachers I met thruout my unpredictable journey.

I am thankful.

– Lina Masrina

May your life be blessed.
Be happy in everything you do.
Love,live, laugh,

Lina Masrina ,
the World Halal Traveller ™
(I have travelled to 36 countries.If I can do it, you can do better!)

Blessed Friday:M & M Success Tips #12 Believe.

Good morning, awesome people of the world…

Today’s tip on money and marriage is: Believe.

If you have BIG dreams, have the courage to pursue and manifest them.

If in MARRIAGE, your goal is to be the bestest for your spouse in this life and hereafter… why not?

For me in Marriage, I wanna be the most romantic partner. I’m hopelessly romantic. So why not? I do not mind being the “man” and shower my soul life partner with flowers or little pink notes in little hidden corners and catch him by surprise with little notes of gratitude and love poems.

BELIEVE it and it will happen.Even though I might not know how to write a single sentence of poetry. But because I believe that I can be, somehow, I am open to it.

When I BELIEVE that I am romantic, for sure, ideas will start to flow in that direction-ROMANCE.

If in MONEY, your goal is to be a Millionaire… why not?

Ask yourself how long do you need to be a millionaire? Start believing and BE one!

Even if you have no money, start believing it.

I used to have no money. I used to write on a piece of paper the amount that I want and keep it in my wallet. Then it became reality.

Soon, I began to carry a $50 dollar note in my wallet. And the money that came in , are in 50s. Then I decided to make the amount bigger, gradually.Every time, I looked at it, I am positively charged. And then that dollar notes became $100. Then they escalated to $1000 dollar notes …

Somehow the doors to abundance will be open to you from all directions.

Believe it and it will happen.

When one believes with utmost conviction, nothing can stand in his/her way.

I’ve got a story to tell…

I once had a chat with my high school friends about travelling the world. I was the only home maker with no career in that period of time.My friends were mostly in their peak of their career paths.

We were chatting happily. I was really into it. Because it’s my dream. Travelling is my life. And so while they were busy calculating their “limited” time and money, I was busy charting my itinerary. I have no money but I got time. And I’m gonna paint that imagination in full 3D colours.

Best part is, I was the one who has no money at that time as compared to my high flier career friends. But it did not stop me.

I let my imagination run wild. I was prepared to be a street busker to fund my dream. I was prepared to do anything to make it real. But of course, my street music “capabilities” might chase people back into their homes. LOL.

But I did something. I believed in my dream so much that…
I even started to pack a small haversack for the so-called “future world tour”. I put it where I can see it often.

I believe so strongly that I can do it, no matter what.

Everyday, I wake up and look at that haversack on the floor near the door.
Before I sleep, I look at it again, standing confidently in its aloofness.

Few months later, I went for my world tour, unexpectedly.
Somehow, everything that I need came to me easily and effortlessly.

I was prepared to travel to 5 countries of various continents.
But I ended up travelling to 36 countries. Alhamdulillah.

What about my friends? They were shocked till today. Not able to understand what had just happened.

And yes, they were still bickering about their limited time and money as an excuse.

So my question for you today is…

What’s stopping you from fulfilling your dreams?

– Lina Masrina

May your life be blessed.
Be happy in everything you do.
Love,live, laugh,


Lina Masrina ,
the World Halal Traveller 
(I have travelled to 36 countries.If I can do it, you can do better!)

Blessed Friday:M & M Success Tips #11 Write it.

Good morning, awesome people of the world…

Today’s tip on money and marriage is: Write it.


1) Money matters

Everyday, money flows in and out of your life. Do you keep track of it?

Even though you have  a certain amount of money for daily expenses and monthly spending, do you note every single cent you use, every day?

Do you keep a habit to have receipt for everything you do?

Everyone should do this. No need to wait until you become an entrepreneur to keep track of your money. You can start now. You can teach kids to do it as well.

a)Write a daily summary of what you spent before you sleep. 5-10 minutes is enough.

It’s really simple. For every cent that goes in and out, keep track of it by asking for receipts, and if possible, document it by writing it down or use those fancy apps on the market to keep track of your daily expenditure.

At the end of the month, tabulate it. And then compare with other months. See whether you can improve in some areas.

For example, I’m always moving. I often use public transport but if time is very tight, taking cabs is an advantage. So I ensure that every time I take cab, I will ask for the receipt. It became a habit so much so that not just for business but for pleasure, I will ask for receipt. This way, I will notice whether my cab rides are essential or not. And I will improve every month. And best part is…I do enjoy travelling by buses. the scenery, the people…so awesome!

2)Marriage matters.

In marriage matters, its best to note down important things you have learnt especially when there are exchanges of opinions and lessons learnt from every experiences.

I do carry a notebook everywhere. Even though I have my IPAD with me, I felt writing is essential in my life. Its therapeutic. And when you write, you focus with greater energy than in using IPAD or phone or whatever the new technology offers nowadays.

So in marriage, if you really wanna improve your love and relationship, do jot down every lesson learnt. And these ‘lessons’ often come unplanned. So be aware.

a)Have a daily night “couple” chat before sleeping. At least 30 minutes.

Share your daily life experiences and lessons learnt with each other. Jot these “gems” of life and take note of their lessons learnt.

2 heads are better than one. Do learn more from different eyes and perspectives.

So write different journals for different matters.

And revise it by often flipping through it.

May your life be blessed.Be happy in everything you do.

Love,live, laugh,


Lina Masrina ,

the World Halal Traveller 

(have travelled to 36 countries and more)





Blessed Friday:M & M Success Tips #10 Don’t Complain.

Blessed Friday:  Money and Marriage Success Tips.

Good morning, awesome people of the world…

Today’s tip on money and marriage is: Don’t Complain.

Easier said than done, huh?

I’m currently doing a short stint of travelling via roadtrip in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah. The whole experiences is way beyond words. The gorgeous places, food and amazing hospitality and warm embrace from everywhere, caught me in awe and such tenderness of kindness melted my heart. I felt like I don’t ever wanna leave.

A traveller’s address is in her heart. If you bring your home everywhere with you, you will feel belonged, everywhere.

One thing I noticed…

When fatigue sets in, my mind became blurred and disarrayed. Rain is a bonus but not when you are carrying a 10kg backpack and sweating profusely underneath the scorching heat.(weird isnt’ it? Raining wet and still got burnt by the sun?)

Then the challenges sets in…because I begin to complain.

Amongst the starry, starry night and awe-mazing beaches of Malaysia, and not forgetting the beautiful full moon, I was focusing on what I dislike. I was enlarging on my discomfort of wet jeans and shoes, the mosquito buzzing in my ears, the sand flies etc… And then slowly, everything became a pain in the buttocks (pardon my language).

I was not able to focus on the “happyness” or the blessing of the “NOW” moment. I was focussing on the “negative” side and thus from then on, everything seems topsy turvy. Nothing seems to go my way. Bus drivers, the receptionist, the restaurant staff… and whoever that I met, do not seem to “like” my presence. Everything can be a quarrel.

Then as I became aware of what’s happening. I took a deep breath. I can feel my cheeks were flushed and warm. I was raging inside. I took a moment to calm myself. I went down to the beach to watch nature at its best. The howling of waves crashing…seems to be therapeutic.

Whatever the “lil voices” were complaining inside, I embraced them and said-“thank you for sharing” and show them the EXIT door.

I then, started to be aware of what’s going inside and outside. And as I changed the words of complain to positive gratitude. Suddenly, my journey became better.

Everyone began to smile and laugh with me. I was enjoying myself. Even the rainy weather seems to invoke the fun side of me.


I shall remember…in whatever circumstances, do not complain. But seek the best side of everything. Even in people, especially in MARRIAGE and MONEY.

One key recipe I have learnt- Everyone in this world is doing their bestest to live their lives the bestest way they could with what they already knew.

When you keep that in mind. Somehow, your heart becomes one with them.

Soulmates are very hard to come by. Your spouses are your partners. No matter what differences you may have. Just remember, they are doing their bestest to love you, to make you happy and make both of your life experiences be memorably amazing.

As for MONEY, do not complain about the lack. But give gratitude about its presence. Even if it’s one cent. It is still something. It’s a blessing indeed.

Everything in this world is energy. What type of energy do you want to be with?

I shall proceed on with my journey. I shall continue my ramblings with the moon. Meanwhile, every moment in life is a treasure. Do keep that in mind.

The key tip of today is that-Do not complain. You will only enhance your negative experience. Instead focus on the blessings in every thing. And you will attract more of it.

Love,live, laugh,


Lina Masrina aka World Halal Traveller