6 Step Process to Decide on ……….

Hi everyone,

Had decide on where to shop for hari raya? Why i ask this question is because recently me and my family went for shopping …. but the most difficult thing that we encounter is in making decision where to go for shopping? So making decision is a very key thing even in going shopping.

And this make me thing how important decision making in business deals or even in personal life.

So next time if you are having trouble making a decision than follow my 6 step decision making process:This is something i learn long time ago which been very effective in my decision making skills.(very important skill in business)

1. figure out what you want. What are the benefits that will come to you? Which of those is most important? Which can you live without?

2.Consider the expense of indecision. If you cant make up your mind and do nothing, what will that cost you?

3.Depending on that expenses, either set a deadline for making a decision or just decide not to make one at all. Communicate any deadline you decide upon those concerned.

4.consider the pros and cons, the risks and rewards. figure out the worst possible outcome of any contemplated decision.Ask yourself what decision someone you admire would come to.

5.Ask the advice of someone who has had to make similarly tough decisions.

6.Keep to your decision deadline. Once you have decided, stay positive and don’t second guess yourself.

So if you get stuck on not knowing what to decide just follow this steps okie. So no more delay in making decision.

Hello semua…. How fast the fasting month is running….. Dah week 3, 10 more days dah Eid Mubarak… So selamat Hari Raya. All my M.A.P student will get my hari raya cards. Simpan baik baik.

Jangan lupa nengok RARA BAZAAR ada tip tip jugak kat situ


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