Bukit View Secondary School

Hi , all. How have you , my brothers and sisters been? GREAT. Remember to feel excited about everyday that you live in this world.

Been a fantastic week as i had opportunity one of the things i love most. Teaching teens and kids about doing business and also giving them confidence in their life.

This 3 days , i was at Bukit View Secondary school for an entrepreneurship program. I had a task of taking the most so called active class.( you understand ah)

The class was the most diffucult class to handle as what the previous trainers told me.

However , even the are naughty , but i must say that all of them are really brilliant students.

I shared with them many things that i can relate to them, many of them have very negative thoughts and feeling about themselves.

AbangAbu give them to see their positive side, build up the confidence in them , share many tips on becoming successful. They were very excited and suddenly become so into the workshop and come out with great results on what they suppose to present. WOW.

AbangAbu wish all of you who are in the session to achieve all good things in life. Remember  the lesson learnt:

1)  P H D

2) A B C D

PS: AbangAbu is just one click away if you need any suggestion and ideas or helo from AbangAbu.

You guys

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  1. ps nvr tell u my name now knw my name
    hope to see you agn nxt year


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