Do you have any idea that can help the community?

Salam and hi all,
AbangAbu recently been assigned to be come the new chairman of Young Entrepreneur Network of SMCCI( Singapore Malay Chambers Commerce and Industry) . It means for the young people from the age of 10 up to 40. As long as you are in this age group you can be part of YEN. ( can email abangabu if you want to join)

And these weeks has been visits by new exco of SMCCI and meet our MP’s to formally the new exco.
Many input that i get from the leaders and now i am so keen to know from all of you , insya allah.

It will be a new responsibility for me and also a new opportunity for me to serve even more the community.

Even i have some plan that i believe will be good for the people , AbangAbu want to hear some ideas and feedback that may some of you have .
It will be good for me to get the real feel from the ground and i can plan something that the young want now in this kind of economy.
I have some plan for financial literacy for the teens and youth .
if you have some ideas please do post here or even email to me at .

I would love to hear from you and your idea or input. Please do let me know as your input or idea can have a major impact on our community and young people as well.

So i will be waiting … thanking you

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