Happy New Year ;2010

Salam and Hi All,

AbangAbu is wishing all of you A very very happy new year. May 2010 be a successful year in our life.  Had the 2009 ending in KL for 3 days. A fruitful 3 days with many new things and happenings take place.

Many porgrams as well community works will reach many of you soon.

An entrepreneur community in Malaysia called PeopleBusinessSchool will be getting singaporeans to also be in the community to netwrok and also build business together with malaysians.

A teens business community is happening in Kl. Junior Boss which includes kids and teens age 10 to 15 will have an opportunity to start business as well been mentor by successful Business personality from Malaysia.

All this will be revealed in the Konvensyen Dari Kosong Sampai Jutawan.

MEKANIK $ akan menjelajah ke seluruh Malaysia pada tahun ini . Jangan ketinggalan untuk mengetahui semua kisah kisah Mekanik $ dengan menjadi fan di facebook.

Will update again esok…..  Baru sampai di Singapore ni. Naik keretapi and it been refreshing as 3 quality days AbangAbu had with my family.

Sampai di Stesen Tg Pagar Singapura , Ada someone tegur , ni AbangAbu ke? Than i said yes. Dia kata dia a malaysian join SImpan Challenge and been so happy dapat jumpa AbangAbu di Singapore, Norliza nama dia , and she said she love Simpan Challenge had been saving a lot with the tips. And she will also be at the Konvensyen di KL .

Feel great that Simpan Challenge had touch so many lives in such a positive way.

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