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Hi again. It’s been going great this week. Just that some news of H1N1 dead make us to take more precautions and better for small kids and unhealthy people to stay home or avoid crowded places.

AbangAbu get a phone call from a gentlement that congrats me on having Ahshik.( for info Ahshik is my eldest son) And i Ask what the reason……… He told me that we was at the Young Entrepreneur Summit 09 at Ngee Ann poly where Ahshik was one of the speakers( youngest one). He told me that Ahshik’s excellent answer for a question that he was asked really made Ahshik as a special human being and an excellent entrepreneur in the making. So what is that question and what was his answer ….. read next paragraph.


What do you think the best age to Give( Contribute) or donate.


There is no Age in giving. You can give at any age. You must have a minset of the more you give the more you will get. However when you give you must not hoping that you will get more . you must just give without expecting of anyting

Wow, it was a great answer i guess for an 12 year old boy. Great JOB my Son . I am proud of you. The lesson that i learn and that i want to share is that when we give just do it with open heart and sincerely .

Watch some clips here about that event…

Last thing to do
1. Leave a comment on this post describing your name and also encourage others to join)
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