Hi all, have you join ” SIMPAN Challenge” , I believe most of you done and I am indeed need all the support from everyone in the community to support by joining in and bringing on more to join and benefit from it.

Today I got an email from a friend and felt it is worth sharing to all of you. They call them Young Muslim.

Do you like to Invest during Ramadhan, Than all these below will be the best investments.

1) Give a QUR’AN to someone, Each they read it you will gain good deeds.


2) Donate a wheelchair to the old folks home ( jamiyah). And everytime a sick person uses it you will gain good deeds.


3) Share some constructive reading to someone . Every time you do this you will gain good deeds.(share this with all you know)


4) Help in educating a child. ( an orphan even better)


5) Teach Someone recite a Doa and each time they recite you will gain good deeds. SImpan Challenge have this together with daily tips and doa.


These are indeed some of the great investment that one can do in the month off Ramadhan. This is one of the reason Kempen “SIMPAN Challenge” been started. We can get all those above that we mentioned by just participating in SIMPAN Challenge – A GREAT COMMUNITY INITIATIVE that is what a non malay freind told me.

I believe and doa that all in the malay community will participate and benefit from this KEMPEN

CLICK here for Registration and details.

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