M.A.P untuk Bisness Program 1st Batch was great success.

Hi Friends,Brothers and sisters,

I Am feeling GREAT as my first M.A.P untuk Bisness workshop was a great success. After nearly one year M.A.P untuk KAYA workshop and after reaching nearly 700 participants , AbangAbu develop another workshop that is so important for our communnity which i called M.A.P untuk Bisness workshop.

We had 2 days session from 9am to 5pm each day at AMP pasir Ris.

MAP untuk Bisness Workshop

MAP untuk Bisness Workshop

This is the first workshop that attracted 42 participants and AbangAbu believe that all of them will become successful entreprenuers in time to come.

Bz lah

Bz lah

AbangAbu had so much FUN as much the participants as well. And for those who attended the workshop i would love to see if you comment your expiriences in the workshop.

All this participants will be coached for another 6 months by AbangAbu , this is to make sure that all the participants will start and run business.

And AbangAbu also would love to see if other malay organization would love to bring this to their members..  If anyone of you belongs to any malay oragnization do tell your organization about this workshop. It will be a great workshop to have so that we would be prepared when the retrenchment move in. At the same time will give us the other option what we can do .

Do post feedback and comment okie tak.

All 42 tak nampak semua , hahahah

All 42 tak nampak semua , hahahah


  1. Sharifah

    First, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking 2days of your time to coach this workshop. It was a very informative and you’ve made learning fun. By attending the 2days workshop I’ve learned alot more about how to run a business and have a little more confident in myself to pursue what I love to do. Insya’allah, with my hard work and guidance from someone like you I hope I can make it happen. Once again, thank you and may Allah bless you and your family.

  2. Thanks sis, for the wonderful doa and i am happy that you learn new things and also now more confident in your self.Insya allah i will be always there to guide . just an email ,

    Always Believe in Urself.

  3. ~niyqaabiy~


    Just wanna peeps here to know that I was in that wrkshp & it is soOoo worth d long journey frm my home in Teban Gardens all d way to Pasir Ris!

    Masha^Allaah, I learnt so much from d wrkshop! I’ve started a small home base bizness a while back & even tho’ Im happy & enjoyd myself doing it, sumtimes I felt it doesn’t get anywhere….afterall the general idea of doing bizness is to get sum profit, na’am?

    All in all, I learnt an impt lessn an ie…evrythng shld b black & white! I need 2 record ALL xpnses…*roll up eyes* …why didnt I thnk of that b4! Do’h!

    Btw, my bzness do generate sum profit but silly me, I didn’t do them accounts!…hahaha & it doesnt help dat sumtimes I lead a lifestyle of a “tai-tai” or “mak datin”…er not in d true sense but sort of like dat.

    PS: Abang Abu, I noticed my comment from your previous posting is still missing….where is it huh???…Not fair! I intent to do tons of comment coz I wanna win your mystery prize…hey is this a conspiracy, eh???

    aka Ummu Ammar Yasir

  4. Salam ,

    Great , keep the learning continue. Do all that you learn , apply in your business, insya allah all will be great.

    Hehehe, mana ada conspiracy, memang tak dapat , its auto at this moment so any comment will updated automatically.

    AbangAbu, keep visiting blog and always comment baru dapat prize.

  5. ~niyqaabiy~

    Ok..I made to other comments tp takde pun…it didn’t appear even after I refresh the page & when I tried to “paste” my comment again..it reminds me dat it wont accept duplicate comment…tp tak kluar pun..ni tak aci..

  6. hanita

    I was so overwhelmed with yr workshop tht I decided to bring my husband and children for yr Bijak Belanja Wkshop. Alhamdulillah we all learn a lot from the wkshop. Yg paling I terperanjat my husband was awake the whole session and I berdoa tht he will apply what he heard fm yr wkshop. Insyaallah we hope to attend and learn more from you.

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