Saturday Sling: Simpan Challenge

This week will continue on the past year programs and projects as well products that touched so many people last year from AbangAbu.

The past 2 post is about two proram and product AbangAbu

1) Map untuk KAYA workshop.

2) MAP2BRICH e Coaching

3) Bijak Belanja program

Today it is no 4 . About Simpan Challenge.

Simpan Challenge is an interesting project that Abang Abu created. This idea prop up after hearing PM Lee’s national rally speech, during where he mentioned about the Bijak Belanja proram . However he mentioned that Malay community must start to really look into ways to save money for future and education for kids. The stats shows that there is not enough money in a malay family. This is due to the habit of spending .

That night, AbangAbu sat down and think about what can be learned from that speech. AbangAbu also understand that matter and totally agree with PM Lee’s view. So AbangAbu felt that i can just do nothing about it. Thats where i had an idea of helping our community in making saving as part of their life.

AbangAbu understand anything that is done regurlarly and have fun in doing it will create great result. So thats where AbangAbu write down 30 daily tips that can be use by those who participate in this campaign to save on a daily basis.

AbangAbu really feel grateful to Kelab Ekoniaga Berita Harian for being the organizer for this campaign. More than 900 people participate in this campaign and it was a great and huge success. The Simpan Challenge than been conducted in Malaysia as well.

This week you can buy all the tips in a e book form from my blog at the cost of $5 dollars only. Check out again this week.

I had many good response and feedback from participants from all over Singapore and Malaysia.

For all those who miss the campaign get it in booklet or ebook form and start to practice those simple and yet effective tips from AbangAbu.

There will be a English Campaign soon and do register yourself for free for the FUN2SAVE campaign

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