SIMPAN Challenge – Today last day for registration

Salam , Great news that Simpan Challenge had almost reach it target of 1000 participants to join , so far 900+ participants had join this initiative.

MKAC had come in with 50 families to join this initiative and the great thing about them , is that their beneficeries will be given a match dollar to dollar by the organization . ( only for their own members)

Mendaki had now confirm 100 families to join in SImpan Challenge with more will be include in the challenge soon. hoping to get at least 200 families.

It been a hectic day for AbangAbu and also special metion Samson Zee who were with me for this whole KEMPEN .

So AbangAbu would like thank all of you for the support and participation and AbangAbu sinciercely belive that all of you will benefit from this initiative. Get a Berita Harian tommorow for more info.


TERIMA KASIH SEMUA , sesiapa yang masih ingin join boleh call 62200701ata email

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