Sunday News : MAP2bRICH

Dear friends,

For the coming few days AbangAbu will be reflecting back on all the programs and services that and been conducting and doing in 2009 and will be doing in 2010.

Yesterday AbangAbu wrote about the program MAP untuk KAYA ( workshop on finance in malay) . Today AbangAbu would like to introduce a product that been created after discussion with Fadzuli ( a student and internet marketer). As Abangabu not an I.T guy and limited knowledge about internet , that had limits me from thinking about internet products. However after knowing about some system like aweber AbangAbu thought that AbangAbu can reach more people and help many more to be really equip themselves with financial knowledge,

Since born a product called MAP2BRICH . This is an email coaching about personal finance and financial intelligence. AbangAbu understand that many people are very busy to attend classes or workshop due to timeand money factor, however AbangAbu realised that they need to learn about money and wealth. FInancial education is a must to everyone in future so that they can have a wonderful life.

Abangabu come with an idea to help many of those who dont have money and time. Hence MAP2BRICH born. It is a one year e coaching on financial education. An email with insights and learning will be sent every 3 to 4 days for a year. This is designed to be an ongoing education on finance in a step by step approach. A simple way to educate our selves and with an activity that need to be completed.

This was a great thing that AbangAbu come out with. An idea that worth millions of dollars , and with a great purpose and intention. For the launch to only limited number of 50 subcribers we offer a special deal and guess what , all the slots been filled up. So do grab todays SPECIAL MAP2BRICH deal before it go back to current price.

And to my amaze the first subscriber was from brunei andthat make me more confident that it can reach 1 million people . This product is a product that i value as it contain the bluprint to become financially rich . A blueprint that the rich have. A secret of what one should have in orader to become rich.

A SPECIAL DEAL to ALL of you for this MAP2BRICH program is now available . And it will be limited . As AbangAbu want to have many more people take this opportunity to get this program fro a very special price . a price of few cents only a day.  SO GRAB it NOW….. MAP2BRICH SPECIAL DEAL

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