Talks Marathon Saturday

Hi everyone.  How Are You? GREAT i believe. How was your week ?  Mine was GREAT. Alhamdullilah.

I had marathon of talks and seminars satrting from friday morning till sunday.

AbangAbu started the friday as normal and we had our SMCCI AGM and selection of new team for the next 2 years term. AbangAbu have served SMCCI as managment committee the last term and also as V-Chairman for YEN@SMCCI.

AbangAbu  will serve as a Management Committe with SMCCI again for the next to year and my involvement with YEN will be soon known and decide by the new president Mr Rohim. This will give me the opportunity to help more people who looking to start or grow your businesses. The friday was done.

Saturday morning , abangabu were at Yio Chu Kang Grassroot conducting a talks for the Grassroot leaders for Central CDC on Money Kompas. It was well received by all and looking forward to bring my money Kompas to mainstream community as well.

Later , i was at Mujahirin Mosque conducting Bijak Belanja, again was fun fill event and lots of interactions with the participants. The chairman of the Mosque keen on bringing abangabu again for their youth program insya allah. For any MMO’s who keen of conducting PBB please call Mendaki . It will be funded.

Than i was at kembangan , Salem Chesty for anothe session of money kompas talk for smaller group till magrib . This is a self help group that support new muslim brothers and sisters on learning more about ISLAM.

After ISYAK , AbangAbu was in the forum AKU NAK KAYA together with Ustaz Tarmizi . The moderator was Ustaz Zaki. It was a forum organized by Masjid Al Khair. This mosque seems to be very active. And supprisingly according to the organizor the event was success as many turn out to the forum and also they participated well. AbangAbu felt this is nother way to reach more people by having mix or religious and life skills together. Some thing like entertainement , our communnity also strong presence in religous events.

AbangAbu will have my first private M.A.P untuk KAYA for a family of 8 in Yishun at their home. This is new and exciting as well.

PS: Do look up for the winners of WCC insya allah latest by Monday.

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