Warna 94.2FM : AbangAbu di Paradigma 3pm-4pm 19/8/09

Salam All,

AbangAbu will be on Air today di radio Warna on the topik of Bijak Belanja and Also Simpan Challenge.

Anyone who have question regards on saving and money do call in ath the said time. Do listen up,

Have you Register SIMPAN Challenge? DO it NOW .

Some updates ,

All participants of SIMPAN Challenge will be entitiled of a 3 month free  $75K assured personal accident plan offered by of of the SIMPAN Challenge Sponsors.

Stay Tuned as many more offers are coming in for SIMPAN Challenge participants. DO Register and let others know.


32 thoughts on “Warna 94.2FM : AbangAbu di Paradigma 3pm-4pm 19/8/09

  1. hi,

    i’m not a Malay or Muslim, but i Chinese.

    i have my ways of creating wealth as well, i wondering if we can share our experience with you.

    we have a people helping people mind set… do drop me a message if we can share

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