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Its been a while i update my blog… And i feel that i am not doing what i had planned that is update my blog at least once every 2 days….  however i could not do it as been busy with travelling and programs that i had been doing…..

And I will be travelling to Shah Alam , Selangor  for a talk tomorrow. And what i am really impressed with this place which is a library , is that the vision which says ” to lower the crime rate in the state” …. That is amazing thought by a library .



Satu program yang di reka untuk memberikan peluang kepada semua orang memahami akan konsep menjana duit. Program ini direka setelah AbangAbu dapati orang ramai sudah mempunyai ilmu ilmu teori yang banyak sekali dan ada yang telah membayar puluhan ribu dalam mendapatkan ilmu ilmu teori yang ditak pernah mereka praktik kan kerna tiada bantuan atau galakan ataupun tunjuk ajar . ini menjadikan segala yang mereka belajar itu hanya untuk pengetahuan dan bukan perubahan hidup.

Walau ada perubahan hidup ianya tidak untuk jangka masa yang lama dan hanya bertahan untuk sementara waktu sahaja,

Apa yang ingin AbangAbu kongsikan dalam CABARAN 101010 ini adalah cara untuk menjana duit atau dalam satau falsafah engeris ( make  them to practically how to fish rather them telling them how to fish or give them the fish)

Jadi konsep ini amat unik dan ianya banyak mengandungi pengalaman AbangAbu sendir =i dalam perjalanan kehidupan AbangAbu.

Jangan jadikan apa apa alasan pun kerana tidak hadir ke sesi pengenalan ini kerana ini mungkin kali terakhir dijalankan secara percuma untuk Masyarakat Singapura dan juga sesiapa pun yang ingin turut serta.

Jangan terlambat …. anda boleh register seperti yang tertera di brochure di atas atau anda boleh register di facebook

Apa pandangan anda?

DEBT FREE – Are You Ready?

Yo brothers and sisters,

It had been sometime updating my blog as were really focus on building something important in my speaking life. And just had some time for me to re look at my blog and i am now ready to also concentrate on writing this blog regularly. And by doing this i am indeed adding value to you guys who been reading this blog.

Today , i am focusing on a subject that become an issue for many. And its about DEBT and many are struggling to overcome it. So this time around Your Mekanik$ looking to share with you the steps to be DEBT FREE…. So are you ready?,,,,,,,,,,,,, Here you go

D- Decide to Live within your means.

I am sure this is the first step that you need to do in order to be DEBT FREE , Decide and fully committed to that decision you are making. Without this you will never become Debt Free. So the NO 1 as well the most important thing that you have to do.

E – Eliminate unwanted expenses

This statement above is the first action that you have to do. This is to show the commitment that you made to your decision. Eliminate all unnecessary expenses like expensive brands , expensive meals , excessive services  and many more , Do a check on all items that you been paying by auto deductions . Cut as much as possible so that you can save. put yourself a target of eliminating at least 10% from what you have been paying in total.

B-Budget your spendings

And this will be the really really really something that not easy to stick with, Many people will have the motivation to do a budget but they tend to give up after just few months and they will never make it to be Debt Free. You need to stick to the budget spending so that you will be able to create excess cash that can be saved and invest. So stick to a carefully plan budget. Dont  try to slash your current spending just because you are excited but than you cant stick to what you budget for. So , pay attention on this.

T-Target and Set goals on Savings and investment

Hey guys, this is something so special, Dont Worry about what you are going thru at this moment , you might be broke, or might not enough of money , but all this hsould not stop you from writing your goals, maybe 12 months, 3 years and 5 years goals. Write it and look at it, And do write something that is within reach and slowly grow from there. Try out the 12 months goal, how much you want to cut spending by then, how much of savings that you want to see by the 12th month. All these are very very important statement that you must have it in writing and also visualize on it every day. It works and it is what people call MAGIC. just do it.

F- Find cheaper or bargain alternatives

What i mean by this? Well , it seems that sometime we stick to certain things, goods or type of things we use or do. And sometimes if we really invest some time we can get some better deals or cheaper alternatives for those things. Example , the place we go for entertainments , foods, goods, or services that we use… do a check and balance and see if there are other cheaper alternatives for what we been using currently.

R- Read books and online articles about being debt free

Reading will give you many ideas and new thoughts about the way that you can be debt free, And also other things like being creative . So keep reading as it will increase your knowledge in this subject. And do attend courses or workshops that conducted by organizations and this always come free,. So get there and learn something new to implement into your system.

E -Evaluate and get smater

You must put up an evaluation points. Maybe on a weekly basis to check on all , Check on your spending, your goals, your debts. This is a must do. This allow you to be focus on your commitment as well it will bring out result quickly, It also allow you to review if certain things are not going according to the plan . This is important step.

E- Extra Cash

Well nothing can speed up the process of getting there to the Debt Free life than Extra Cash. So always keep ways to save extra cash from your income monthly, always ask how u can save extra cash on your spendings, and beside that always look for ways that you can do to earn more cash beside you employment. is there anything that you can sell, is there anything that you can do to bring cash in. Think, network with others and start to earn extra cash that you can put into the goals that you have set for,

These are some ways for you to get DEBT FREE.

I am sure this will give you an interesting idea to get start on. Wish all of you a DEBT FREE LIFE.


5 Start-Up secrets

Hi All,

The new start-ups are in a massive growing trend around the globe. And this is also true for SEA countries.

My own students now already starting their own ventures and businesses. I had personally start many new businesses on my journey of being an entrepreneur.

Along the way i learn many things on what i should and should not do when we are in a start up phase. Below are some of what i love to share with you.

1. Too Much planning.

Many spend too much time on planning and not doing it. Even when they start out most of the time it wont be following the plan they draw up. So spend reasonable time only on planning and start on working on those plan and figure out and just do it. You will have to know when to change the plan and adopt a new way or even have a bail out option.

2. Spend Too Much Money

From my own ventures the start up with limited capital or even zero money have succeed and it is true for many successful ventures. So dont spend too much money when at the start up phase.

3. Get Operating

When you already have a product or service you have to start selling it and getting the fund in so that you can continue and get better. Many new ventures failed because too much time wasting on getting start or getting ready mode.

4. Go for quick Cash

When starting new venture do look for in getting the fund as quickly as possible. Dont give too long credits as this will create cash flow problem in your business. I have seen many ventures gone burst because of this.

5. Build team fast

Business can only grow when you start to have team. So build up a team that will support the growth of the venture.

Hope this will be a guide for those who thinking of starting a new venture . Stop thinking  Start Doing.

Program MBA 4 KIDZ

Alhamdullilah, program MBA 4 KIDZ yang julung kali dijalankan di Johor Bahru berlangsung dengan begitu meriah sekali. MBA 4 KIDZ  yang dijalankan selama 2 hari di TESCO Desa Tebrau telah melihatkan 35 kanak kanak berumur diantara 9 hingga 13 tahun telah di didik dengan ilmu keusahawanan yang unik dan kreatif oleh AbangAbu dan disertai oleh Muhammad Ahshik (penerima KIDS ENTREPRENEUR AWARD USA 2009)

Program ini telah menarik perhatian ramai pengunjung yang datang ke Tesco. Program ini memang begitu menarik perhatian kanak kanak dan juga ibu bapa mereka,

Apa yang ingin AbangAbu capai dari program ini adalah untuk memupuk 500 kanak kanak memulakan perniagaan mereka. Satu portal online akan dimulakan untuk semua peserta MBA4KIDZ ini memulakan perniagaan mereka,

Portal ini akan membantu mereka memasarkan produk produk mereka.

Untuk mengetahui lebih info mengenai program MBA 4 KIDZ . anda boleh hubungi Team Syifa – 0137556195


By Jeff Haden

Starting a business that lasts is a lot harder, even when you pour significant time and money into the venture. And a lot riskier: The more time and money you invest, the more you put at risk.

So how do you live your entrepreneurial dream and minimize risks and maximize your chances of success?

Start your business and keep your full-time job. Except in rare cases, keeping a full-time job while you build a business is the best way. Of course it’s not easy: Sacrifice, discipline, and a lot of hard work will be necessary. But that’s okay – if you aren’t willing to sacrifice and work hard, your business will fail whether you keep your full-time job or not.

To minimize risk and build a solid foundation for small business success:

Live like a college student. It’s almost impossible not to spend money before you make money; some small businesses take months and years to turn a profit. Don’t assume your savings will see you through. Eliminate every drop of personal spending that isn’t necessary. A huge percentage of startups fail because they run out of money, and even if you don’t, chronic money problems can lead to poor long-term decisions. Before you start the business, cut all personal expenses to the bone.

Be a superstar at your current job. Losing your job is the last thing you can afford, so be a superstar. Work as hard and efficiently as possible. Get more done than anyone around you so you can leave on time without regret (and without raising concerns with your boss.) Money is in short supply in a startup and so is time. Never waste time – you can’t afford to. Work really hard at work so your evening and weekend time is yours, not your employer’s.

Create a killer schedule. When your “normal” work day ends, your startup workday begins. Decide how many hours you think you can spend on your startup every evening, and add 25%. Then commit to that schedule. Write out a schedule: If your schedule says you will work from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every evening and from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends, work those hours. See the schedule you create for your startup the same way you see your schedule for your current job – it’s non-negotiable.

Overcome urges to complain about your killer schedule. Say you start a web design business; once you have a few clients you’ll be working every night and most weekends. That will be hard, but that’s a good thing: Landing clients means you’re generating revenue. Or you may have to get up early every day to take care of emails and voice mails before you head off to work. In large part, your clients will choose your work hours for you. Just keep reminding yourself that having demanding clients is actually great, because that means you have clients. Resist the temptation to complain or feel sorry for yourself, because that will make you quit your day job long before you should.

Be a profit hoarder. At first you’ll be tempted to spend your profits. That’s natural. Don’t. Reinvest every penny. Use the profits you earn to set up the business infrastructure you need. Buy needed supplies. Buy equipment you’ve been renting. Advertise so you can grow your client list. Or save cash to tide you through the inevitable downswings in revenue. Don’t think of profits as income; think of profits as a tool that further establishes your business.

Keep your current job longer than you think you should. Deciding when to quit your job and go into business full-time is the hardest decision you will make. It’s impossible to make an objective decision when you’re tired, stressed, and sick of your full-time job… in short, when you want your life back. Don’t quit too soon. Focus on numbers, not emotions. Your financials – personal and business – will let you know when it’s time to quit your day job.

Be Inspired

I think that AbangAbu realized in my ownself as well with many successful friends that i have is that one thing in common…… there are inspired always…. no matter how busy they are , they are inspired in making it happen.

Do you have it? If you dun , than i am sure you will be just hanging there without a purpose in your life…. Life purpose make people inspired within…. So look for what is your life purpose,,,,, meaning what you can do to add value to others life….. that alone can give you the direction in finding your life purpose……


Kejayaan dan Ertinya

AbangAbu feel like writing in Malay my friends, and i think if you would like to know something that is quite powerful that i wanna share here.

AbangAbu ingin menceritakan satu perkara yang AbangAbu rasa harus ada pada semua induvidu. dan ianya mengenai Kejayaan.

Kejayaan adalah sesuatu yang amat subjectif , dan ianya membawa banyak makna yang berlainan kepada orang lain.

Ada yang menyangkakan bahawa mereka mendapat kejayaan ini adalah kerana mereka berusaha dan dengan penat lelah dan juga kerja teruk merekalah yang mereka berjaya. hmmmmm.

Walaupun kerja keras itu adalah sesuatu yang mesti dilakukanm dalam emncapai kejayaan , tetapi tanpa kasihan ALLAH , maka tak kana berjaya walau setakat mana kerasa sekalipun kita bekerja.Kita harus melakukan apa yang harus dilakukan dan kejayaan adalah hak Allah.

Allah saja yang memberikan kejayaan , dengan izin allah inilaha maka seseorang itu bole berjaya. Jadi kejayaan itu sebenarnya adalah milik Allah dan bukan milik kita…. kita dipilih oleh Allah untuk diberikan kejayaan tersebut. Dan ini sebenarnya tanggung jawap yang diberikan oleh Allah untuk kita gunakan kejayaan ini untuk menambah nilai kepada orang lain .

Sekiranya anda diberikan kejayaan dalam apa jua perkara maka pertama sekali anda harus faham kejayaan itu bukan milik anda sebaliknya milik ALLAH, dan anda hanya di berikan kejayaan itu supaya dengan kejayaan itu anda boleh membantu orang lain untuk juga berjaya.

Jadi, bagi AbangAbu kejayaan adalah satu pemberian kepada orang yang dipilih mengikut usaha mereka , dan dipertanggung jawapkan untuk membantuy orang lain juga berjaya.

Jadi jika seseorang itu angkuh dan riak akan kejayaan , maka dia tidak faham akan kebenaran sebenar kejayaan ini. Fikir fikirkan lah,,,, Semua orang boleh berjaya dan sebernarnya semua oprang dilahirkan sebagai orang yang berjaya…….

Just sekadar perkongsian…..



AbangAbu would like to just keep in touch with you all my brothers and sisters.

Due to the upcoming programs as well new initiatives , i never had a chance updating my blog… I will be updating my blog regularly so that you will be informed about latest happening in my journey .

And i would like to answer any questions that you might have thru my blog post , that will be more useful indeed for this blog yah

Do email me any questions you have to

Biz Tip : TEAM

Hello, all my dear readers. I am overwhelmed with concern of people regarding my blog that been slow nowdays. AbangAbu will do best to update this regularly. The past weeks and also coming weeks will be very very busy weeks for AbangAbu. I am enjoying this journey.Now it is a test of my time management skill.

AbangAbu also felt that even with great time management it will be a great challenge. However there is another important thing that we should implement in our business. it is TEAM

With great teamwork we will be able to do more with less time. AbangAbu will share with you today on why you need a teamwork in business.

So lets do it . How to have great T E A M


Togetherness in any business ensures that the task at hand is executed with the help of a united effort. The significance of the togetherness effort is that the business organization that is concerned, functions like a single person, thereby enhancing the quality of the operations. There are, also, some other related factors, such as ensuring equality in profit sharing and division of work. It also helps the members/owners of the organization to maintain a very good system, that designates appropriate authority and responsibility. A united effort, also, reflects good team spirit.


equal and fair distribution of work within the organization. A fair work distribution ensures that every person or every working unit, executes any task at hand, with the best possible efficiency. The division of work, also, ensure that the work is done on time and deadlines are not extended.


advantage of teamwork in business is that a person will be able to help and contribute another persons work. Assuming one of the member have some urgent matter to attend , his work can be done the other group members.


Another very good advantage of teamwork in business is that a person is able to master in one specific field. That is, he can optimize the quality of the work that he does, and can also work with the maximum possible efficiency. This ensures a high quality output from all individuals and the whole team.

Build a team for your business as that might be the key for your business success.