Good News for Teens.

Hi teens out there, now is the time for you to get started. The new rulling of starting business at the age 18 will be a good move to make our young more enterprising. This move will give an opportunity for teens to get involve in business at a very young age. I am very … [Read more…]

Biz Tips: F I R E

Hye, Everyone … AbangAbu believe all of you in a great mood and also been following the america’s 44th president barrack husin obama. Now he is the president. History is made. What i would love to share today is about being in the game of business in todays world , you need fire. Fire to … [Read more…]

Belia dan bisnes BH column

Perkara Perkara yang boleh diambil ketika perniagaan lembab. Apa khabar semua? Semoga semua usahawan sudah pun bersedia berhadapan dengan kelembapan ekonomi yang melanda seluruh dunia. Keadaan ini akan mengakibatkan para pelanggan akan mengurangkan perbelanjaan mereka dan ini akan menjadikan perniagaan lembab. AbangAbu ingin berkongsi pendapat serta berbincang akan beberapa langkah yang boleh diambil oleh para … [Read more…]

Biz Tip: P E A K

Hi everyone, How have been the year going so far. For AbangAbu its been very smooth and nice. And I am confident that even with the current economic condition we still can be at the peak of our business if we know how. It is very important for entrepreneurs to be at their peak in … [Read more…]

Biz Tips: WIN

Hi, Again, After long time i am meeting you again in todays biz tips. AbangAbu had read an article recently and felt that it is worth for me to share with all of you. Business is like a game. It means that people want to win. So in business the winning mentality is a must. … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas to All Christian friends

Wishing You And Your Family A MERRY CHRISTMAS & A SUCCESSFUL, JOYOUS & “MEMORABLE” NEW YEAR 2009! PS: MAP untuk KAYA  Free Session is happening on the 26th December 2008. Friday , 730pm to 930pm Nowasia Office at 25, peck seah street #07-09 Singapore 079315    beside Tg Pagar MRT station Get AbangAbu E mail … [Read more…]

MAP untuk KAYA sesi Percuma

Sesi MAP untuk KAYA  akan diadakan malam ini di 25 peck seah street. Bersebelahan dengan MRT Tg Pagar Untuk Daftar sila hubungi Nowasia at 62200701 atau 91463164. Place : 25 Peck Seah Street 07-09 Time : 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm Day : Monday , 22nd December 2008