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MAP2BRICH eCoaching : Testimonials and OFFER that not 2B miss

AbangAbu feel bless and want to share with all of you. After nearly 1month of trial and 1 month of soft launch on the MAP2BRICH ecoaching been released. AbangAbu really want to know from all those who already on the coaching system how they are doing and any change on their financial pattern?

Than law of attraction works… I get some response and i want to just put up here …..

The first from Duriati

Dear abang abu, well afther being tot of what you have been told us to do and list all the bill and what KIV on my bill.  Open each indifuual pokect fiile fo  P.A.P.. (PAY AND PAY). It really work for me to kept tract and make easier for me solve the problem by comminicatin whith person who is concern. it morre help and make it more lesssen the problem. thank you. … duriati da.


You are really Mericle, cause wat im  now challenging myself to fight all negativtiy which make me down and frustrated, that wat i belief my self im good and i heading to success… You are come in the rite message.  From the day 1, i obersev that, but just hang to  know wat lesson frm you on and on.

Abang Abu  i rasa its not accidently you know ABOUT US , wat we are. but your valueable caring and professionalism make you feel wat happen to people you most care( under your map) .  How can we have a time to discuss, where im now in the big debt.  tq, hear from you, always…….  abd.

Why AbangAbu sharing this ………

The reason is because i want to let all know that this ecoaching worth a lot more than what all those who had subcribed. The worth is more than 600 dollars.

AbangAbu offered the first to all my inside circle my MAP2BRICH eCoaching at $19.90 for 12 months coaching ( about 0.06 cents a day)and AbangAbu get great response and all the slots that been offered been taken up. Than for the second month the price of my MAP2BRICH eCoaching moved up to $29.90 for 12 months coaching ( about 0.09 cents a day).a soft launch by only thru my blog and again all the slots been filled up.

After successful trials AbangAbu’s Team decide to do a launching soon with the launching price of $49.90 with the target of reaching $69.90 and guess what, Than the price will be in US dollars as another partner will be pairing with me to do a global launch next year.

AbangAbu feel to give away another 100 slots for the same SGD29.90 for MAP2BRICH e Coaching . However this offer will only till 15th MARCH 2009.

This  offer valid for only 100 slots of MAP2BRICH eCoaching for 365 days.

Not only that you will get 4 bonuses as well mystery bonuses that will be sent to you once you subcribe.

Dont Wait Get it NOW

Biz Tips: B L O G

Dear brothers and sisters,

How have you all been? I believe all of us are having GREAT time. Business opportunities are really abundance and during recession it is really great opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs.

This week AbangAbu learn some important element to promote our business and services. It is something call blogging. It is a very interesting way to get your business known to the whole world. AbangAbu is now really enjoying it as money start flowing in. I would love to share to all of us how to create a powerful blog that can attract people to your business.

So what to do to have great blog. The answer just B L O G.

so here we go…….

B- Blog –

Blog consistently . This is important to make your readers have a reason to come back again and again. AbangAbu also now doing all my best to blog consistently. It mught be very hard to do it everyday , however you can do it once every 2 days like my bro . So decide the days you want to write your blog.


When we do write something that we blog about, it will be always be good to show people something that can help them to learn about the subject or even a place that they can source it. Most of bloogers dont have things on their own to sell. AbangAbu believe that you can always leverage by selling someone else product or services by become an affiliate.

O – Offer –

When people visit your blog, offer something that will make them stay and become a regular. Better still offer something that will make them to take action. It can be in a form of an ebook, a competition, free service for a certain days, free email updates and many creative ways.

G- Groom

This is where AbangAbu still learning. However i believe that you need to groom your blog’s look in order to be appealling for people to came again and again. If you really dont have the skills and knowledge than get someone to do it for you. One example of a blog that be on constant grooming is Bro Fadzuli . It has been constantly changing . And you might want your blog to be groomed as well and get it  done by Hafihz.

So readers this is the tips that you can start on to create a great blog. So again why wait lets start to B L O G.

CHALLENGE $50 Cash for Winner

Figure out what is this accronym stands for ?

AbangAbu The S.T.A.R.

What is

S –

T –

A –

R –

To participate in this competition , you need to download to Abang Abu’s ebook and read the e-book. The clues are all in there.

So drop your answers in the comment box below. Only those who comment here will be entitled to win this $50 CASH….

The winner in Singapore will be given by Abang Abu at the place you CHOOSE with a Dinner Treat by Abang Abu.. If you are overseas we’ll just transfer the cash either by PAYPAL.



How are you been doing? Lately AbangAbu been really busy with many great things that happening around me. AbangAbu involved in many projects that have been going on around Singapore and Malaysia.

It is all about money and business. Even with such busy weeks and decide to organize a cashflow game event. It is a game that been created by Robert Kiyosaki. AbangAbu first played this game 8 years ago and been playing the game regurlary and infact been conducting the game since than .Last Saturday we played this game again with new  friends of nowasia . It was fun and alot of sharings.

Beside gave me alot of learning expiriences , the game thought me and present me with great ideas that AbangAbu already turn it into money and wealth.

AbangAbu decide to conduct this game regurlarly . once a month at our office and we can get at least max 5 tables which means 30 people . However we will start by having 3 tables a month. And guess what it will be a free session for all.

So look out for the next session at our website .

PS:Mean while there will be a massive cashflow game happening on the 7th March at Nanyang by Success Resources where the right hand man of Robert Kiyosaki will be facilitating the session.

Those who are interested can register thru our own club by email to by providing your name and contact num.Or do call us at 62200701 The investment for the session is $99 dollars. It will be worth the investment as well the time.

Belia dan Bisnes

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Sebelum mulakan buat kajian dahulu.

AbangAbu begitu terharu dengan sambutan pembaca rencana belia dan bisness kerana begitu ramai email AbangAbu dengan tajuk rencana lalu. Lebih menggembirakan saya kerana 80% email adalah dari pihak belia yang berumur diantara 15 hingga 30 tahun.

Ini membuktikan bahawa minat untuk berniaga dikalangan anak remaja melayu amat tinggi. Antara perkara yang ingin diketahui adalah bagaimana untuk memulakan perniagaan. AbangAbu minggu ini ingin berbincang mengenai perkara yang harus dilakukan dahulu sebelum memulakan sesuatu perniagaan. Ini amat penting agar kerugian boleh di elakan.

Sebelum memulakan sesuatu perniagaan , AbangAbu sarankan agar anda membuat kajian dalam bidang atau produk yang anda ingin mulakan sebagai perniagaan. Ini amat penting untuk mengetahui samada idea anda itu mempunyai potensi atau tidak . Ramai peniaga yang gagal dalam perniagaan dalam masa satu tahun perniagaan tersebut dimulakan adalah kerana tidak melakukan kajian rapi. AbangAbu juga pernah melakukan kesilapan yang sama dalam beberapa perniagaan sebelum ini.

Maka itulah AbangAbu ingin berkongsi sedikit pengalaman yang harus dilakukan oleh seseorang yang ingin memulakan perniagaan.

Anda harus memulakan kajian anda dengan memastikan produk atau servis anda ada permintaan oleh orang ramai. Untuk melakukan ini anda harus memulakan dengan bertanya kepada orang ramai samada mereka akan membeli atau mengunakan produk dan servis anda. Jangan hanya bertanya pada kenalan atau kaum keluarga sahaja. Ini akan memberikan anda satu idea samada produk atau servis anda itu akan mendapat sambutan nanti.

Sedia kan jawapan seperti dibawah, pastikan anda sertakan harga yang anda ingin jual:

  1. Akan pasti beli atau gunakan

  2. Akan menggantikan produk sekarang

  3. tidak akan beli atau gunakan produk atau servis .

Dari jawapan diantara 3 yang diseneraikan ini anda akan tahu apa yang anda perlu lakukan. Dan jika sekiranya kajian tadi memberikan anda jawapan yang begitu positif barulah anda mulakan proses seterusnya.

Proses seterusnya , barulah anda boleh dapatkan produk tersebut secara kuantiti yang kecil untuk dijualkan. Jangan melaburkan duit anda dengan membeli stok yang banyak.Anda harus mula memasarkan produk anda.Ini adalah dengan tujuan untuk memastikan berapa ramai yang berminat dengan produk anda. Untuk permulaan anda boleh menggunakan cara pemasaran menggunakan kos yang kecil ,seperti email, tele sales, dan iklan akbhar, serta media lain .

Memberi brocer di tempat tempat yang dikunjungi ramai juga boleh dilakukan.

Ini akan memberikan anda kepastian samada produk atau servis anda mendapat perhatian. Ini juga akan memberikan anda untuk membuat keputusan seterusnya. Jika anda membuat keputusan untuk meneruskan perniagaan anda kerana maklum balas yang positif , maka kini anda ke proses seterusnya.

Dapatkan seorang mentor yang boleh membantu anda, Mentor tersebut mestilah seorang yang sudah menjalankan perniagaan yang anda ingin ceburi. Mungkin dimasa ini anda bertanya , apakah mereka akan membantu anda kerana perniagaan anda mungkin tandingan kepada mereka? Jawapan AbangAbu adalah seorang mentor yang berjaya akan berkongsi ilmu kepada orang yang ingin mempelajarinya. Dapatkan mentor yang sudi membantu. Mentoring secara online juga boleh didapati dengan peredaran teknologi yang pantas. Hadirkan diri dalam sesi bertemu(networking) , anda boleh dapatkan mentor yang berjaya disana.

Proses seterusnya dengan menjadikan membaca satu amalan . Kerana membaca akan memberikan minda kita pengetahuan dalam bidang yang ingin kita ceburi. Juga skil skil pernigaan juga boleh diperolehi dengan membaca.Ini adalah satu sifat orang yang berjaya dalam bidang perniagaan. Juga baca buku buku yang ditulis usahawan yang berjaya.

Akhir sekali , sentiasa lihat akan peluang peluang yang terdapat di pasaran. Seperti dapatkan sesuatu yang sudah terdapat dipasaran dan tambah nilai pada bahan tersebut dan dipasarkan semula.

Jadi , semua belia belia serta kepada semua yang ingin memulakan perniagaan, AbangAbu berharap akan menggunakan tip minggu ini sebagai permuluan.

Berita Harian News


Dianjur Masjid Ar-Rabitah untuk bantu masyarakat Melayu/Islam hadapi kegawatan ekonomi

Nurulhuda S. M. Albukhari
SEJAK berlakunya kegawatan ekonomi, Encik Khamsani Karim mula menyemak perbelanjaan harian keluarganya.

Beliau tidak mahu terperangkap dalam masalah kewangan.

Dan untuk memastikan semakan belanjawan yang dilakukannya itu betul, Encik Khamsani, seorang penjual daging di pasar Yew Tee, menghadiri bengkel kewangan anjuran Masjid Jamiyah ArRabitah baru-baru ini.

Tujuan masjid itu menganjurkan bengkel tersebut adalah untuk membantu masyarakat Melayu/Islam menghadapi kegawatan ekonomi.

Bersama dua anak perempuannya, Encik Khamsani menyertai Bengkel Kewangan Kompas Wang yang disampaikan oleh Encik AbuAyubul Ansari, seorang pakar motivasi keusahawanan dan kewangan setempat.

Menurut Encik Khamsani, 50 tahun, di samping dapat mempelajar ilmu kewangan baru, beliau juga lebih sedar peri pentingnya pengurusan wang keluarga.

‘Sebelum ini, kami sekeluarga ambil ringan hal pengurusan wang,’ kata bapa tujuh anak itu.

Salah seorang anak perempuan beliau yang turut menghadiri bengkel itu, Cik ‘Aathirah Khamsani, 18 tahun, berkata ilmu yang diterimanya dapat membantu beliau yang bakal melanjutkan pelajaran di Universiti Al-Azhar Julai ini.

‘Saya harap dengan ilmu yang dipelajar, saya dapat mencapai visi membuka sebuah hab Al-Quran satu hari nanti,’ ujar bekas pelajar Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah itu.

Menurut Encik Abu, atau lebih dikenali ramai sebagai Abang Abu, masalah yang membelenggu kebanyakan keluarga ialah masalah pengurusan wang.

Ramai yang tidak tahu ke mana perginya wang yang telah dibelanjakan, katanya.

‘Kompas Wang membantu melihat di mana duit kita mengalir,’ Kata Encik Abu, yang juga Pengarah Urusan NowAsia.

Kompas Wang merupakan sekeping poster dan buku setebal 143 muka surat yang mengetengahkan cara-cara mengawal dan menguruskan perbelanjaan keluarga dengan baik.

Turut diketengahkan dalam bengkel itu ialah hidup dengan berjimat cermat. Ini termasuk mengurangkan perbelanjaan sekeluarga dan membeli barang yang diperlukan sahaja.

Encik Abu, 36 tahun, juga menggalakkan peserta agar melabur wang mereka dengan menyimpannya di bank.

Selain itu, beliau juga menggalakkan masyarakat Melayu/Islam supaya memulakan perniagaan secara kecil-kecilan.

‘Cara seperti blogging, menulis dari rumah dan sebagainya juga antara berniaga kecil-kecilan yang boleh meraih pendapatan,’ kata beliau.

PS: for more info and dates of programs do visit

Belia Dan Bisnes Jumaat 30January2009



Abang Abu
HAMPIR sebulan sudah berlalu tahun 2009 ini. Pelbagai acara serta berita yang kita dengar selama sebulan ini.

Antaranya Encik Barack Obama diangkat secara rasmi sebagai Presiden baru Amerika Syarikat; Belanjawan 2009 Singapura dibentangkan, Tahun Baru Cina dan pelbagai berita lain lagi.

Apa yang menarik perhatian Abang Abu ialah berita mengenai perniagaan hangat yang diperbualkan oleh semua.

Dalam keadaan ekonomi dunia yang sedang dilanda gawat, pihak pemerintah berusaha untuk memberikan nafas baru dalam merancakkan suasana ekonomi.

Pelbagai inisiatif baru diperkenalkan; antara yang menarik ialah usia bagi seseorang untuk mendaftarkan perniagaan telah diturunkan daripada 21 kepada 18 tahun.

Banyak juga pinjaman disediakan untuk tujuan perniagaan.

Satu lagi berita yang baik untuk para belia ialah pertubuhan Rangkaian Perniagaan Belia (YBI) telah menyediakan pinjaman untuk para belia yang mempunyai idea perniagaan yang baik. Ia mendapat kerjasama Masjid Muhammad Salleh.

Abang Abu amat berharap agar belia-belia Melayu/Islam merebut peluang tersebut untuk memulakan perniagaan.

Pada masa yang sama, mungkin ibu bapa belia-belia ini berasa khuatir dengan keadaan ekonomi dunia yang muram dan soalan utama mereka ialah sama ada baik ataupun tidak untuk anak-anak mereka memulakan perniagaan.

Abang Abu ingin memberikan lima sebab mengapa musim kegawatan ekonomi adalah waktu yang terbaik untuk belia memulakan bisnes.

1. Keadaan ekonomi yang muram akan menjadikan usahawan muda lebih berhati-hati dalam berbelanja.

Memulakan perniagaan tanpa modal yang besar akan mengajar usahawan ini supaya lebih berjimat.

Modal yang kurang menjadikan usahawan muda lebih kreatif serta memberikan tumpuan pada aliran wang tunai serta bajet.

2. Keadaan ekonomi juga akan memberikan peluang kepada usahawan muda dan baru untuk meneliti kembali idea-idea mereka.

a) Adakah idea mereka mempunyai potensi jangka masa panjang?

b) Dalam keadaan gawat, adakah produk mereka masih diperlukan?

c) Bagaimana dengan keperluan kewangan mereka dalam masa permulaan?

3. Keadaan ekonomi gawat akan menjadikan usahawan muda lebih komited.

Pekerja juga akan menunjukkan komitmen yang tinggi kerana mereka juga khuatir akan diberhentikan kerja.

Untuk menjayakan produk atau idea bisnes, usahawan muda perlu mendapatkan pasukan yang percaya akan visi dan misinya.

4. Keadaan ekonomi sebegini juga menjadikan sesuatu perniagaan mendapat perhatian ramai serta mungkin tiada tandingan.

Ini kerana ramai usahawan baru tidak berani memulakan perniagaan pada saat seperti ini, maka ini harus dilihat sebagai peluang memulakan perniagaan.

5. Keadaan ekonomi seperti ini akan menjadikan seseorang usahawan muda dan baru lebih berani, menjadikan mereka orang yang boleh membuat keputusan bijak dan tidak mengaku kalah.

Ini adalah sifat seorang usahawan yang berjaya. Dan pada saat seperti inilah seseorang usahawan itu akan membina kewibawaannya.

Abang Abu yakin sebab-sebab yang Abang Abu bincangkan ini akan menjadi galakan kepada lebih banyak lagi belia untuk mula berbisnes.

Badan-badan belia Melayu juga perlu menganjurkan kem serta bengkel keusahawan agar belia-belia kita dapat pelajaran berguna sebelum mereka memulakan perniagaan secara betul dan bijak.

Abang Abu akan bertemu anda lagi di ruangan akan datang.

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan serta maklum balas, sila hantar e-mel kepada

Bagi mendapatkan petua-petua perniagaan yang lain pula, sila layari blog

Sunday News

Salam to all. And a Happy Lunar New Year to all my chinese friends,

AbangAbu wanna update things that happen this week .

A. AbangAbu conduct the Program Bijak Belanja at the Wisma Mendaki. AbangAbu want all other malay organization to take the opportunity to have this program in their own place and at their place. The person that you can contact will be Mdm Yatie from Mendaki Sense.You can call me at 91463164 for any information.

This is a 3 hour program about money management and it will surely help people to understand finance better.

B. AbangAbu conduct a entrepreneurial Camp for the NUS Malay Language Society at Masjid Sultan. It was a very fun and interactive workshop that all the participant enjoyed. The participants are from Jamiyah Business School, and Ain Society. They will running a bazaaar on the 1st Feb 2009 at Sultan Mosque  area. There will be celebrity like Fiza O and Shah Isakandar from Warna. The GOH for theis event will be Dr Fateemah Latif. Do come and support this young people who aspire to become successful entrepreneurs in future.

C. AbangAbu had a talk at the Woodlands regional Library on teh the topic of Kompas Wang. Again it was a fun filled and educational workshop. I will doing regular talks there as part of my social contributions in my own way. So do approach the library for more details.

D. AbangAbu spend my sunday at JB Tropical Inn conducting a financial Workshop a about 61 participants JOHOR , sINGAPORE AND SEREMBAN. It was a workshop that involve of playing the cash flow game. It was a very lively workshop as theparticipants were involved fully and participated to the max. And guess what the workshop was in tamil….. new expirience.

E. AbangAbu will be at Ar Rabitha Mosque which is near to the Red Hill MRT station for 2 days , on monday and tuesday conducting few mini workshops in conjuction with the bazaar makanan which been organized by the mosque during these chinese new year. Do come if you are free as all the proceed will be use for the upgrading of the mosque third story to be use as a madrasah for the children.

Just as an information below AbangAbu would list the workshops that will be happeningall in malay.

Monday 26th January 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Berniaga Dari Rumah.

Tuesday 27th January

10.30 to 1pm——- Kompas Wang

2pm- 4pm—— Berniaga melalui Blog

and a special one day workshop for kids age 9 to 11 on money skills. It will be a great workshop for those kids to get this skills at the very young age. I encourage all those who have kids, sisters or brothers, or even someone you know at this age group to attend as it will be just $10 only..

Do call me if you interested at 91463164…. or the mosque 6273 3848

This are the updates that i love to share….

PS: The Next MAP untuk KAYA mini session free on the 30th January 2009 at 7.30pm to 9.30pm happening at 25 Peck Seah Street , Beside Tg Pagar MRT Station. do call 91463164 for more information and registrations.

Good News for Teens.

Hi teens out there, now is the time for you to get started. The new rulling of starting business at the age 18 will be a good move to make our young more enterprising.

This move will give an opportunity for teens to get involve in business at a very young age. I am very sure and confident that many young people from our community will take the first step.

AbangAbu also want to tell all those who want to start , get some knowledge that are important like accounting, marketing, customer service ……

All the best to all teens and i am looking forward to see many of our young with h businesses and successful ones.

Biz Tips: F I R E

Hye, Everyone … AbangAbu believe all of you in a great mood and also been following the america’s 44th president barrack husin obama. Now he is the president. History is made.

What i would love to share today is about being in the game of business in todays world , you need fire. Fire to fight thru any challenges that we might face .

You really need this FIRE to stand tall in what ever economic situation….

So are you guys ready for F I R E:

Here we go;

F: Fast;

In todays condition those who are fast in grabbing opportunities, making decision will go far and achieve success. One need to gain the expirience in making fast decision so that one can move one. Successful entrepreneurs make decision fast. So learn on how to make decision fast.

I: Innovative;

Nothing can beat this in todays business world. One have to be innovative in order to succeed in business today. think of how you can be more innovative in selling your services and products? Think how you can be more innovative in giving great customer service? And always think on how you can be innovative in every aspect of your business.

R: Resourcesful

Being resourcesful will help the business survive any situation, being resourceful meaning that in all aspect . Money, man power, products, technology, contacts. In orader to build our resources you must do a lot of networking, meeting people and always stay in touch with your customers. This will give you all the resources that you might need in time of emergencies. Build your resources.

E: Enterprising

This is the time for all entrepreneurs to be enterprising. You need to try venture out, you need to do more marketing, you need to try out new services and product in time of recession. Many enterprising entreprenuers make it happen during these times. So be enterprising to do new things. Try out new methods.

AbangAbu really love to share this tip as it been working for many entrepreneurs during recessions. So let begisn and have FIRE in us.

See you again soon