News:Thank You and Congratulations!!!!

September 8th at Pasir Ris Costa Sand Resort NowAsia successfully conducted the second jutawan internet Workshop. Participants really enjoyed and learn a lot in a day workshop. The same day we had the networking nite with the previous paricipants and we had now launch the forum for us to interact among kite semua. Daftarlah kat … [Read more…]

Bicara Bisnez

Salam all, Apa Khabar semua… It was great to see ramai datang for the talk at masjid kassim. Really happy to see many of my MAP untuk KAYA participant. Even from my first batch 5 months ago. Semua happy and ada datang pada AbangAbu abd tell that their project masa kelas MAP now dah $9000 … [Read more…]

Cashflow at Kota Raya

Salam All, Great day at Kotaraya Plaza , Johor Bahru. More than 100 students and teachers from 25 secondary schools around johor state had gather kat plaza kota raya for the medan niaga bistari from 23 to 27 Ogos. AbangAbu juga conducted the cashflow session for them . It seems semua enjoy the session and … [Read more…]