Do you have a mastermind group on your own?

Do you only work on your own?

AbangAbu saw how mastermind created  great product s and partnerships.

Newbie’s , experience people also need this.

Recently , AbangAbu were invited to be at cuti santai , a program that created out of a mastermind group that called themselves Team Penang.

It shows that newbie, experience person,  wannabie and aspiring people come together and form a team of their own. the result was awesome as they see bigger opportunities.

The program that they created become reality and looking forward in become an exclusive event for all the internet marketer.

What make me so amaze is that in that event , more mastermind team was formed among the attended the event.

AbangAbu also had chance to synergies with few of them to come out product and programs . The important of have your own mastermind is so critical in winning .

Make this coming year as a year that you will forma very strong mastermind group that will be able to work together.

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