Kids Business! How ?

It was an amazing time AbangAbu had in Kl Berjaya Times Square Hotel for the DKSJ.

After the talk by Muhammad Ahshik , the 13 year old entrepreneur and record holder for youngest author for a business book , many participants asked me to have workshops and community for the kids to start business.

As a start i will invite Ahshik to share his ideas and views here in every thursday. So let your kids to visit to get ideas and views from Muhammad Ahshik.

Anyway to invite him to write , Abangabu have to pay him. He seriously mean business . AbangAbu learn something from him which is very powerful. That is nothing is free if you want quality. That is what he thought me. So hope many will be happy with this.

DO share what would you like him to write about ? or do you have something that you want him to share, This will give him the idea what he want to share.

See Ahshik here in AbangAbu every thursday.

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