MONEY GARAGE – First Step on How to Make Money Online.

It was a pleasure being as a speaker at Million Dollar Marketing Strategy which just finish at Roxy Square Hotel with Fadzuli Wahab, Suria Mohd  and Noor Mohamad.

After the session , i can see many are excited to get into taking action by signing up for courses that been offered by everyone.

First, Congratulations for taking that 1st STEP in investing in yourself by attending trainings and workshops.  This is what i had done many years ago , going for talks and signing up seminars after seminars spending more that $40k+ in the process .

Second , Beware that signing up and attending workshops alone will never a guarantee that you are going to be successful. It is more of the willingness to change and follow and do what you need to do.

Take small steps in getting there is important, as taking big leap when you are not ready, will just make you struggle and in pain as you are overwhelmed with things that might be painful for you to do it in a one go…. ( those who will do it are those people who have that hunger and pain to get there…..)

As mingling around with many attendees i realize that many of these people are aspiring to succeed. However are they ready with the real tools to get there. Many of them are trying to make money without understanding the legal aspect of it and they tent to break the rule that set by the authorities.

And many thought they can make money without understanding the important of having proper Money engine for the business. Some just don’t understand what is this all about.

As to get people who lost in the seminar due to high level of content and also who cant really afford high fees seminars and workshop start their journey on making money online with simple steps , I am opening up 3 Money Gerage  this June . Get details and information here.

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