Sunday Update:Why parents discourage?

Dear brothers and sisters,

How are you? Apa khabar semua? I am sure semua feeling Great. AbangAbu want to just update few things happening.

AbangAbu and Ahshik was at the Jamiyah Business School for a talk by Ahshik. The talk is for 13 and 14 years old students from various madrasah. More than 100 students.The topic was steps to become successful entrepreneur.

After the talk in the q&a one question that was raised by the students really make me think.  The question rasied by a student from Madrasah.

” How to start business when our parents did not only support us  but even condemn us for doing it.They told us that we will only see failure in it?”

That question really make me to think. If only the parents could understand how important to support and motivate their children.

What do you all think about this?

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  1. Hi Abang Abu, its’ my first time putting in a post here, and this subject about failure does strike a chord in me. Although I am not an entrepreneur, and am just an educator, but what I do value most in a child, and am still inculcating in my studens is in not so much as in the value of the failure per se, but so in how they are able to learn from these failures and become more successful in their subsequent endeavours…sort of like a ‘successful failure’! Examples abound of how initial failures can lead to even greater successes. From our own Prophet’s (pbuh) hijrah, to Thomas Edison’s light bulb! Perhaps some sort of a paradigm shift is required for parents, and even non-parents alike, to realise this, and hopefully we can build a more pervasive entrepreneurial community within us.

  2. Thank you for that post. This reply and post will make me work harder and do what ever i can to develop that kind of mindset to the parents.
    I agree with your views. And i wuold love to see more comments and views as i really need views from the ground for me to go further .

    Thank you bro.

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