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Yesterday on 11 jun 2011 , I was together with Iluvislam.com Imran Kuyobe and ESQ165 Pak Arif conducted a talk session for about 100 plus people at Cairnhill CC.

It was great session and one thing that i feel that was good that Imran Kuyobe shared for building a great business using the acronym  S A I L.

S that he mentioned is about sales, The most important to have in business is SALES. He mentioned about it is the single most important thing that an organization should focus on. The greater the sales the better that the organization will expand towards betterment.

AbangAbu agree completely with that statement, And when we say it is about focusing on sales not meant that we have to get the sales in unethical ways.

A is about adding value. Ask your self about what value does you give to your customer? Example of IluvIslam creates a value for people to understand islam and it was started focusing on students that lives in UK.

AbangAbu completely agree that adding value to your customer, your employees and also the world around you. In a nut shell you must keep adding value that will make the world a better place to live.

I is all about INVEST. He mentioned that to grow your business you have to invest. And it is all proven case that all the business which achieve success have done a smart and proper investments.

And AbangAbu have to say , it a the point that i always bring up in my talks and seminars. And to invest , you first have to invest in yourself  And you dont need to pay expensively to learn investing now. check this out MAP2BRICH coaching.

L = ?????

I want you my wonderful readers do response to this question? What do you think L is and to make it powerful tip from IMRAN KUTOBE from Iluvislam.com

Participate and you are for some great prize.

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