2011 is approaching and are you ready?

Year 2010 was great and 2011 will be even greater with GOD grace.
I am sure all of us want the best of everything in the year 2011.

AbangAbu had wonderful 2010 and looking forward of wonderful 2011 as well. Many great things been planned and may the creator of this universe will allow those to happen and make a positive impact in the life of people.

As to start the YEAR 2011 , do take some time to reflect on things that happened in the year 2010. Learn from all mistakes that may happen and do not repeat those again. Stick on those things that work out well for you and give those things some energy to make it happen again.

1)Look at those who been so helpful and been supportive in all things that you have been doing. Send them a thank you message and show them that how much you value their support for coming 2011 too

2) Forgive those who been not very kind to you as well not supportive of you forgive them , and just don’t think about it again. But beware of what happened and look at 2011 in positive note.

This are those important and key things that you must do before even think of new resolution for 2011

Again AbangAbu want to share the method that will be useful in making 2011 a memorable year in your life , God willing.

The method is A B C D. those of you who know these method and i believe most of you already know this. As what is in my ABU success method e book that is free for you to download and keep for inspiration.

A = Aim of 2011 , B = Believe in the Aim of 2011 . C = Courage to change for 2011. D = Do it till you get it by 2011.

As the first step AbangAbu would like to wish all of you a BIG THANK YOU for being in my list as well been reading my blog post. I hope that it had been fruitful for you for dropping by to my blog.

those of you who still not yet done it can get it from

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