3 secret things you MUST …………………..

Hey my friends . It has been some time already since i post. Been busy lately with great things happening around me. Wonderful.

Hmm lately , for you those reading my blog , i would like to share some rumours that happening at an organization that i am holding a post of chairman.
The Management want me to step down from holding the post as they feel i am not following SOP, and it was ridiculous reason that they give me… hahahah, The fact is that they have no SOP at all. They will never do things for the sake of really helping the target group that they say want to help and guide. It was so pity that the management people inside are not really doing the AMANAH that they swear during their appointment. I feel Shame of these group infact feel bad that i been in this kind of group.

Well , i am not into fighting for the post or the name from it, but i feel that i need some kind of professional reasons and ways to do that. And be frank , I believe that they are not prepared to help people , they are more focusing on getting their name or business benefit from the activities. I am completely upset with this kind of mentality.

And why should i share this in my blog? Well just to remind me and also the readers of my group to understand that when you are doing good things in life for the betterment of others, you will come across with people who will not be happy with the achievement that you showing. They will find reason to fail you , rather than find ways to make the thing better. I am really feel ashame with this kind of people.

So again , i would like to share the 3 things in making you stick , make you move on, and make it happen in whatever you plan and set are here.

1) put your intention clear on what you want. put it clearly into your mind. Keep remind your brain about it day by day by reading it, writing it again and visualize about it . Find strong reason you are doing it. Teh reason which i find so strong is when you do it for the CREATORS sake, not for anyone else.

2) You must feel GREAT and Excited no matter what happen in the journey. You might fall, you might hurt and in pain. But you will be excited in any moment. The most important thing you must have is the high energy to overcome, And energy is high when you are excited. no matter it is inside you or you show it outside , the most important is the energy. And being excited gives you the full power of energy. So when facing all sort  of challenges just be excited in going thru it. Yah…

3) FUN is the word, you enjoy and you choose to be in the JOY mood no matter what. JOY brings full of posibilities in your life. JOY brings happiness to all around you.

I am convinced that this 3 thing will be the most important rules to get what you want…….. in life for the people or the humanity. May Allah reward people who been doing great things for the humanity.

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