A simple thought from AbangAbu

Believe in Yourself,

And in your dream,

Though impossible things may seem,

someday somehow you will get through,

to the goal you have in view,

Mountains fall and seas divide before the one ,

who in his stride,

takes a hard road day by day,

sweeping obstacles away,

Believe in yourself and in your plan,

say not – i cannot but i can,

The prizes of life we fail to win, Because we doubt the power within.


One thought on “A simple thought from AbangAbu”

  1. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, your body can achieve. : Napolean Hill

    If its possible for others, its possible for me. Its just a matter of learning and applying the right set of skills and strategies. : Adam Khoo

    If other people can do it, we can do it better: Helmi Hakim 🙂

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