Bad Mood? What to do?

Hi all,  What do you do when in bad mood?

Well i believe being moody is your enemy, because it takes away your energy and also steals your ideas, this will make you lose your enthusiasm and spirit you need to motivate yourself.

Anger, fear, cynicism have no place place in your business or personal life. If you let them in than that will cost you your success.

Well i do have bad moods and here is some simple things that i do when i m feeling low.

1. I forgive myself for feeling that way.

2. I count on my blessing( getting closer to the GREAT MIND

3. I take a nap( favorite) You will be surprised by how a short nap will bring back the energy in you.So get some great sleep.

4. I will call up some upbeat people to spend some time . They will cheer you up back . Important to have those kind of people around you.

5. I will get into soccer as this is the only time when i forget everything and focus solely on the game. I will be fresh again mentally every time i finish my soccer game.

6. I will follow the Dale Carnegie’s principle Don’t Criticize, Don’t  Condemn  Don’ Complain.

7. i will compose a list what i should do and take the first job and focus on finishing it and only i will focus on that one thing till it is done. you will surprised with that single focus energy you will get major jobs can be done so fast.  the power of SEX=: S= Single focus E= Energy , X= Xtra

Jadi kalau rasa bosan because of your work or anything just try out the things that i been doing when i m in that mood and i will be back with full of energy.



  1. good list of advice

    for me when i’m in bad mood, i try not to interact much with ppl ard me as i don’t wanna spoil their day with my moody mood

    sometimes its hard to get out of a bad mood. in my case, i need sleep to get over it. a new fresh day to start with

    btw i’ve subscribe to your rss 🙂

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