Be a CHILD to succeed in Business

How have all of you been doing. Been very long since AbangAbu update my blog due to some changes in the hosting account together with my long one month travel to few places abroad.

While in this journey i had also observe the culture in different part of the world on business. And AbangAbu believed that we can learn so much from these cultures and we can apply some of those in our own business success.

The first culture that AbangAbu studied is about the Indian Business culture

In India I saw some unique culture that i can summarize as CHILD. In India You must be a CHILD in order to succeed in business.

So be a CHILD

C- Curiuos

Always curious about things that happen, about the new technology, about anything. The business people in India always curious about new happenings and always asking about it. They always look into include new things in thier own business.

Being curious is a part of CHILD and in India it is a culture in all entrepreneurs here.

H – Happy

AbangAbu was really like this one. No matter what , they remain happy. Even that day they never achieve their target or goal the remain happy. The love music and cinema. No wonder India is the largest producer of film and songs.

Infact new cinema is like a celebration day there for them. So AbangAbu like this and yes we need to remain happy with any result that we get after we put in all the effort.

I – Innovative

Being innovative is already in their blood. They seems to be very very innovative . From a very small business till huge one , they innovate everything possible. From the way the decor till lighting and all. They do even do electrical innovation themselves. Thats is the level of risk the do take in innovating. AbangAbu felt this is something all entreprenuer must have in order to succeed. So get innovative even in the way you speak.

L – Learning

Amazed with their attitude of taking all mistakes as a lesson learned. they also dun mind of making mistake . They willing to do and try new things. This is something that AbangAbu felt a very important part in survival in business. You need to keep doing new things and new ways of doing things.

And everytime things does not go as what you wanted take that as new learning. Keep doing it again differently.

D- Dumb

This might be funny for us here. But believe me , as a little child they sometimes do dumb things even they know it is a dumb thing to do. They dun mind been called dumb. They want to do it and have fun . This is something i learnt and for our culture what we can take as a lesson is that its is ok if people might think we are dumb. Let it that way for them and we can just go on.

So this week AbangAbu want you to be a CHILD and than get success come to you.

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