Beside Listening one more important skill…….

So, is it just enough listening only…….

Is it enough? Well in fact i don’t think so . Because just by listening only is not good …… You must make a great speech.

So how to make a GREAT speech……….

There are only two ways to make great speeches:………….

1. Talk spontaneously about what you know.

2. Present a speech that you have carefully prepared beforehand.

What Muhammad Ali said about boxing is true for speech making as well., He said”The flight is won or lost far away from witness — behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before i dance under those light.”

Remember these 9 words below to give a good speech in any topic

Tell Them something useful that they don’t already know”

I would love to see our entrepreneurs can give great speeches too.

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  1. You are right! Giving great speeches encompass on the aspect of “Tell Them something useful that they don’t already know” …

    That will impress others so much! 🙂

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