Best Important Skill one must have…….

How are all of you?

I believe that everyone just fresh back from some holidays. So this is the right time for me to share with you something that i truly believe that it is an important skill.

I have been reading and listening to some tape about listening. It makes the argument that you can increase your personal power by cultivating this under appreciated skill.

Being a good listener makes you a better negotiator, a more effective manager, a more charming leader and even a successful businessman.

Being bad listener has the opposite effect.

Listening is different than just not talking. Heres some tips on how to do it.

1. The first and most important Golden Rule of Listening is to shut up and let the other person talk first.

2. Listen on two levels: to the literal content and to the emotional story behind it.

3.Restating the speakers thoughts and feelings ensures him that you understand him and makes him grateful and more open to your ideas.

Just do this …….

the next time you sit down next to someone you want to impress keep that in mind ….. LISTEN…..

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  1. Yup…This is exactly true…In my context as a financial associate, we need to listen intently to our clients’ “needs”…

    Only then, we can be build rapport with em and be long term friends 🙂

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