Biz Tip : A H S H I K

Hi , Do you heard about SIMPAN CHALLENGE?

How have all of you been?  AbangAbu want to know from you if the Biz Tips all along helped you in anyway? Do let me know ……. thanks in advance.

Today , i am sharing a tip by Muhammdah Ahshik who suprises me in his talk that he gave at Singapore Film School Festival the other week.

Even he is just 13 and i never thought that he too now competing with me hehehehe in a positive way. Infact he get 5 invitations for November 2009 talks more than me…. Anyway congratulations Ahshik.

Here is his tips on how to start your own business.

So todays Biz Tip is – A H S H I K

A – Aim.

Anyone who wants to start their own business must have aim. Aim of what they want to do. Aim on how big the want to grow their business. Aim of where there want to bring their business to. Aim is such a great thing to have in business. And just aim at one thing when you get started. having too many aims will distract you from going far.

H – Honesty

Being honest is a key element that one must have in business, He shared how in a sales at a shopping center where he returned back an extra note that a lady pay him. And what suprised him was that the lady brougt many off her freinds next day to buy more from him.

S- Sharing

Sharing is a must in any business. Sharing what we get to those who need it more that us. He said all of his book sales he have been giving to few charities . He knows that every time his book was sold someone is getting education. So keep sharing and he belives that the more you give the more you get.


H- Humble

Being humble will bring you more fame and recognition. No matter how far we go and how famous we get remain humble. As in business people like those who are humble and will avoid those who are not.

I – Intergrity

Intergrity is look similar to honesty. But according to ahshik it is not. Honesty is something that people will see, but intergrity is something only a person can feel, A very powerful staement that keep myself stun.

Yes indeed , intergrity is that something we would do what we suppose to do even there no one watching us.

K- knowledge

yes. Knowledge is key in making our business grow and expand. keep learning and educating yourself in getting all the new knowledge and skills that will help your business to grow. You can learn from expirience, reading, watching, talking. listening and doing.

So get all knowledge you can about your business.

I believe that he have shared something simple yet powerful for me. How about you? Do comment


  1. Ruzaini Bin Hassan

    Salam Abg Abu… Selamat Hari Raya… Maaf Zahir Batin… Btw congratz on hvin a 13 yrs old son speakin d same language like his dad. Der is no other happiness den 2 see hw dier son hv grown 2 b a positive young lad livin a meaningful lifestyle towards d society….. Wen readin d tips dat is given by ur son, I recalled a song by our legendary Papa Rock ‘Bukan Kerana Nama’. In all d due respect 2 Ramli Sarip, other den doin thingz in life not 4 d name per say…… If we look much deeper….. we can c dat meanin of our names served d pupose (NAWAITU) in our life…. I tink dis cud b a gd public project 2 do…. If u care 2 discuss it futher, plz dun hesistate 2 gv me a call at 98717733. Thks! – Selebriti Lifestyle Personal Trainer –

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