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How are you my friends? I am sure things are going great with all of us. remember GREAT is the only thing that can make us out from any challenges in life. So feel great.

Today AbangAbu would like to share on how to save and make our business more profitable during this economic downturn. The only way for a business to survive this period is to bring all the COST down. Look at your cost and figure a way to bring it down . Most of the time we will spend our money in marketing and AbangAbu want to share how we can bring our COST down.

We are always under pressure to cut cost but we can stop on our marketing cost as that will stop our business from growing and bring in money.

So this week it is COST to keep our cost low in marketing our business.

C-  Cut Waste-

Look at what you are currently doing. Are thos ethings arent delivering the result that you anticipated? Fix them or get rid of them. Unless you have tons of money , now is not the time to spend money on marketing that don’t generate leads.

O – Outsource

Today , in order to have a successful marketing strategy you need to have skills in multiple discipline. Example like website marketing, lead generation, prospect conversion and many more things. To do it on your own or even have a team to do it by paying will cost you a lot more than you might want to invest.

Get expertise from outside firm or group of individuals which is more cost effective.

S- Select

Select the best conversions platform of your leads. What i mean here is to choose the best way that your customer buy from you and stick to it. Even you are looking for other ways never forget about the best one that gives you result. So select the best and improve on it .For example if networking works for you than keep networking.

T- Train

Train and nurture what you have currently. What i want to tell you here is that maintain a relationship with all those who already become your customer. train yourself and your team to have great relationship with your clients. This is the best practice of many successful company. It is proven that it is a lot more easier and cheaper to keep a customer than finding a new one. So really look on this matter.

This will help you to make less mistakes when spending money on advertisement, Marketing has changed a lot in the last few years. You need an internet presence , if not you are losing .

While i admire entrepreneurs who try to figure out on their own on marketing , it can be a waste of time , my advise is turn to people who know what they’re doing.

Till AbangAbu see you again , have a GREAT saving COST in your business.

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