BizTip: G E T R I C H

Hi all, Salam.

This will be first 2008 tip. And with a great goal in mind. The goal is to get rich(u define urself)

Most of us will have set goals as well new year resolutions. I want one of your resolution is to get rich, I will give you the tip to become richer than last year for 2008.

Are you guys ready.


G- Get up early. This is an important element to get rich. You must find time . In todays busy schedule you may argue that there is not enough time. I want you to learn that by wake up early by 30 min you already create 30 min more in your life. Use this time to think and take action on what you set. That is to get rich.

E- Earn more than you spend. Well if you really want to get rich than you must make sure that what you spend never exceed what you earn. Learn to spend within your budget or find ways to earn more than you spend if you cant reduce your expense. If you want to get rich than this is a must

T- Train yourself in one financially value able skill. You need to really master one financially value able skill. What i mean by that is learn one skill that can make more money . Example learn how to sell. learn how to market products and make money, Learn how to write and come out a book. So get into one financially value able skill. Train your self and be a master of it.

R- Resource Network- Build network and make sure that you have a resourceful network. Many of us have network but most of them are social network where we only meet them for entertainment.Build your network that of resource which you can leverage.Think about this it is a key in getting rich.

I- Invest- Learn to invest. Learn to choose great investment. Invest in educating yourself to be good investor. Be it in Properties, business, stocks. Find the one that you really have passion in and learn all about it. You must Invest if you want to get rich. A must to get rich.

C- Charity- Giving back a portion of what we get back to social cause. You will only become richer when you share what you get. It is a mantra and an universal law in getting really rich. So always give a portion as this is where the law of gratitude in action.

H- Habit- make all the above as your daily habit and i promise you that you will only get rich by having these habit.

May all of us become RICH . Ameeen



  1. Wow…Tips yang dikongsikan Abang Abu mudah tapi berguna.

    Memang betul apa Abang Abu kata.

    “Earn more than you spend.”

    Saya selalu merekomendasikan klient saya, untuk berfikir kaedah menyimpan duit, tiap tiap hari.

    Satu hari simpan $7, 30 hari dah $210.
    (Bagi sesiapa suka makan KFC,MacDonald, etc)

    Satu hari simpan $10, 30 hari dah $300.
    (Bagi mereka yang kuat merokok)

    Saya juga beritahu bahawa simpan duit dalam bank, pun masih rugi kerana kadar inflasi sahaja dah meningkat pada kadar 5% setiap tahun.

    Letak anda ada $20,000 dalam bank.

    Tak buat apa2.

    Duit anda masih sama, tapi “purchasing power” atau “kadar pembelian” dari wang tersebut berkurangan setiap tahun.

    Sebab itu saya memang suka benar rangkap kata

    “You must Invest if you want to get rich.”

    Kalau anda simpan $10 setiap hari, pada pulangan 3% setiap tahun, ia akan memakan masa 74 tahun untuk jadi jutawan.

    Kalau anda simpan $10 setiap hari, pada pulangan 20%, ia akan memakan masa 20 tahun untuk jadi jutawan.

    Kalau anda simpan duit dalam bank?

    hahahahh…tak payah kirala…

    Thats why again…
    “You must Invest if you want to get rich.”

  2. Dah lama i tak kunjung this website…kinda miss a lot. Abang abu ni kan, kalan pasal accronym…memang power, thumbs up!
    Comments by Helmi Hakim membuka my minda…okie, 1st of all i kene invest in educating myself to be a good investor…dats the no. 1 thing…

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