Hi , It has been sometime already since i update on this segment BIZ TIP.

As all aware that in business we need to always be innovative and creative.  Businesses will become stagnant after some period of time. This will always happen in any business.

This is due to lack of ideas. IDEAS will make a business to succeed. New Ideas, innovative ideas , creative ideas , whatever ideas you may want to call it. What AbangAbu believe in order to spice up your business than you need IDEAS.

Last week AbangAbu were at PUTRA JAYA and had an opportunity to listen to Tun Mahathir. He was talking on a subject of Ideas.

He shared that ideas is adding value to something that already exist.

SO , AbangAbu would like to share the Biz Tip today. In order to get ideas than you need IDEA.

What is that? IDEA!!!!!!!

if you want new ideas that you must INTELLIGENTLY  DO EVERYTHING AGAIN.

That is what  IDEA is about. THINK about what AbangAbu share and please do responds.

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