Biz Tip: I N V E S T

Hi again.

I been thinking of  sharing this concept that i got while i was meditating before my talk at an event recently.

Most people when come to think about invest we always have a mindset of taking out money and guess what happen we might take out the money and never get back.

I tell myself when invest i must have the mindset of receiving when i am investing to receive to get more.

And in business we do must INVEST so that we can grow and sustain our business .

What is INVEST :

I = Innovation. We do have to innovate so that we  always will be leading in our industry. We also have somehow to use others innovation as a form of leverage in our business.

N= Networking. Either you network or you will not work. This is the statement that make me keep networking till now. I believe my network had provide me with all the resources, help, guide, and many more things that i need and want in my business. You must always be networking , Everyday increase at least a new friend into your list.

V= Vision– This is commonly forget . And why so many businesses fail just because their vision is not there or not powerful . Every strong businesses have a great vision. Ask yourself what is your vision and your business vision.The best vision must have social element with monetary and spiritual together.

E= Extra Mile–  What makes your business different from the same industry that you are in . How far you can serve better your customer will put you always in your customers mind. I learn from Siti from Wayan Spa about having share of Mind. Meaning you must put your brand into peoples mind. How to do that is by going extra mile.

S= Social Responsibilty – What are your business social responsible. Are you helping the world a better place to live by doing what you are doing. Environmental friendly, Helping needy, any other social cause will make your business into greater lever. Businesses have a major responsibility on contributing to social causes. make sure your business do have it.

T- Target Niche – Do have a niche that you want to serve. Do find out every single thing about this niche. Having a target niche will always give you the extra in business that called experts. So do ask what niche you have and build that niche.

I believe these are some of the key things in business. Will meet you again with more tips………

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