Biz Tip: L O V E

How have you been? What about the last business tips. DId you gain some knowledge from it? DId you apply some of the tips in your business? Those of you who missed click here

I met 2 successful business owners recently . One from Middle East and another is owner of successful airline company. It was a private meeting that i always have with my mentors.

Interestingly both of them this time around told me few things that are very very similar. It was a great learning for me. It always great to learn something from very very very successful.

One of the secret of their success are LOVE. They LOVE their customers and their business

We too can become successful if we start to  LOVE our business. So why wait start to LOVE your business and customers using  L O V E way from AbangAbu’s Unique Business Tips.

Start to  L O V E

Here we go


Learn about your business from your customers. They can tell about your business that you might never thought of. The also know the blind spot that you may have miss about your business.

O = Open your mind

Understand their minds, their hearts and their lives. Get to know about them. Only do what you do to make their lives easier.


When a problem comes , do leave them a space to stand and always stand tall beside them.

E = Everyone

. . . And remember, everyone is your customer, even your dad, mum, brother, sister, neighbor . So treat everyone with care and you will be suprise with the response and support you will get.

Share your views on his ideas….

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